Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rain - The End of the World!

Global Cooling has finally arrived here in Southern California. It's cold and raining, temps won't get much higher than the low 70's faherenheit. It's miserable.

After the long Global Warming period, we are always surprised by the arrival of Global Cooling. The rest of the nation, and most of the world, believes Southern California resides in perpetual Global Warming, never ending fun, and clouds never litter the sky; an Endless Global Warming of surf and turf, fun and sun. But, when the sun goes down (and it really does go down) over Tinsel Town, great tribal bonfires are lit on the babe drenched beaches beckonning Sol's return.

Global Cooling is here and will be here for awhile. No knows for how long. We never know. We just hope and pray it will be short. You know, at one time virgins would be sacrificed, but those are an endangered species protected by the Fed's Endangered Species Act.

With luck and pluck, we will get through this and for the love of Mike - DON'T COME HERE! Don't be fooled by what you will on the TV. The coming weeks, will show lovely weather at the College Bowl Games and parades. DON'T BELIEVE IT! Remember this is where the world's favorite movies are made. It's all fake , it's Climate Control. Stay away!

It's all the fault of Liberals, mostly Al Gore. Yeah, the Global Warming - Al Gore invented it. Global Cooling - Al Gore again. Climate Control - yep, Al Gore. "Love Story" and Internet, hell! Al Gore invented Global Climate Control! Cooling, Warming - he doesn't care just as long as he gets paid and his name is spelled right.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.

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Abdurahman Warsame said...

Aljazeera English has launched with a new website. They already have a great report on Darfur.

Digg it, link to it and spread the word.