Sunday, November 12, 2006

Pelosi Throws Race, Jack's My Man

And then there were two. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, (D-Ca.),the apparent front runner for the Speaker of the House of Representatives, has backed out of the internal party election process. Miss Nancy wrote a letter Sunday and had it delivered to Congressman Jack Murtha.

The support of Miss Nancy is critical to Mr. Murtha in overcoming the lead of Maryland Rep. Steny Hoyer. Previously, Mr. Murtha has described himself to be third ranking in House Minority leadership.

There’s Nancy Pelosi, [Appropriations Committee ranking member Rep.] Dave Obey (D-Wis.) and myself, and then Hoyer is listed after me in the power plays.
In her letter, Miss Nancy kissed up to the once a Marine, always a Marine Colonel Jack Murtha saying

Your presence in the leadership of our party would add a knowledgeable and respected voice to our Democratic team.
In his response, Jack wrote,

I am deeply gratified to receive the support of Speaker Pelosi, a tireless advocate for change and a true leader for our party and our country.
For the past four years, Congressman Steny Hoyer has been the second rank Democrat leader of the House Minority. Miss Nancy was his only senior and the two had been long time rivals for the leadership position while Miss Nancy and Colonel Jack have been long time allies in the Democrat caucus.

Steni Hoyer released a statement last week sometime saying he would win the intra-tribal contest. Hoyer stated

Nancy told me some time ago that she would personally support Jack. I respect her decision as the two are very close.
Since the election of November 11, Hoyer has been releasing the lists of Congressmen who have offered him their support. To counter the Hoyer supporters, Murtha needed Pelosi to step aside and Miss Nancy's letter began by saying Col. Jack had asked for her support. Had the three-way continued, a very ugly, very public battle would have ensued dissipatting much of the support the Democrat Caucus believe they had won in last Tuesday's election.

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Mike H. said...

It would have been bad if she was Speaker but it will be disastrous with murtha in there. I know that he has won my undying enmity

Mike's America said...

So now Pelousy has confirmed that DEM leadership in the House and heads of nearly every committee will be chosen from among the most extreme liberal, out of the mainstream Democrats.

When we warned of this during the campaign, voters either ignored the warning or thought it was scare tactics.

It's too bad that the damage that this wrecking crew will do to the country cannot easily be undone. We're still trying to fix the problem of terrorism that Clinton saddled us with.

mudkitty said...

Plastic surgery...where women (and now male broadcasters) end up looking "perpetually surprised."