Friday, November 24, 2006

Nabil Pleads, "Please Save my Life!"

Nabil is trying to escape Baghdad and Iraq. His life is in danger as I write. A few days ago, a mortar round exploded only yards from his home's front door and his bedroom window. Iraqi police shot-up the main gate of the university he attends while he was inside.

Nabil is a friend of ours since the invasion. He writes Nabil's Blog, and we all have watched him grow into a brave young man, but even the brave must be wise enough to know when to leave. His older brother Zeyad writes Healing Iraq and is reporting Baghdad is in the midst of a bloodbath.

Nabil and Zeyad were the people we were trying to help. And they appreciated what was trying to be accomplished. But, it is very clear that the outcome is not what was desired. The religious hatred is far more than any of us can comprehend.

Please read what Nabil has to say and, if you can, donate to Nabil's Escape Fund. Nabil is the kind of person Iraq and the world needs in the aftermath of the conflagration to come.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006
To Whom It May Concern

The reason for writing this letter is that my life is like living-hell, everyday is like a very bad nightmare, I start each day and I can't expect what could happen to me till the end of the day.

I live in fear everyday, I wake up in fear, and I sleep the night in fear too, few days ago I stopped going to college, because the road to college is very dangerous, fake police check-points are everywhere and at any moment they can stop me and ask for my ID and once they see that I'm a Sunni they would have me killed or kidnapped or tortured, because they can figure it out from my name and my address (my district is a sunni district), and the 2nd reason why I stopped going to college, is that in Monday (20th Nov. 2006) two police patrols attacked our college building, and opened fire on the outer gate of the college for nearly 15 minutes, then they stopped after they injured some guards of the college, and they left immediatly without giving excuses for what they did.

The last two months I have experienced a lot of things that I never imagend that I will experience in my life. About two weeks ago, my district was attacked by mortar missiles, we had missiles falling everywhere in the district, destroying houses and killing innocent people, the district was attacked with about 75 missiles in 5 days, one of the missiles fell on the side-walk just two yards away from the outer door of my house, it was shocking and very horrible, about a month ago, gunmen killed a woman who was a hair styler and owns a shop near my house for no reason, they just stopped her in the street when she was closing her shop and killed her, and left her corpse laying on the street, and truly I don't want to end up like that.

After living 3 horrible years in Iraq and witnessing all what I've witnessed, I realized that I can't live in this country anymore, I can't live in a country where some gunmen prevent me from going to school, where corrupted policemen will kill me just because of my religion or what's written on my ID, where religion bigots will have me killed just because I wear jeans, or shorts or because I shave my beard everyday in the morning.

The only thing that I want is to finish my studies, and to work and to create a good life and to be a good man who can be helpful and successful and to live the rest of my life in peace.

New Zealand is a great country, I think it's the best place for me to study and work in, and that I have great friends there whom they offored to support me make my dream happen...As soon as I can have residency Visa to NewZealand.

Please, help me make my dream, Please Save my Life!.

22 November 2006

If you're interested in helping me escaping can do that, by donating money, there is a paypal button on the top of side bar on the right.
Thanks to anyone who would help me.

Please help.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


dcat said...

Us too Indigo.

I know people and I climbed Mt. Cook. Maybe we can be neighbors.

any sign of the media yet ;) Oh I didn't use a capital A! :D :D :D

mudkitty said...

And he's but one of so many...

mudkitty said...

It's not just the dead. It's not just the maimed. It's the displaced.

Indigo Red said...

Yeah, but this "one" I know. He really is a freind. Did you help or just agonize and conceptualize?

Louise said...

Indigo, thank you for putting this up on your blog. I haven't read Nabil's blog in ages. I never would have known. I made a donation and I've let others know about it, too. I hope he gets out.

Indigo Red said...

Thank you for the donation and for spreading the word. Nabil is only one kid, but he's the one we can do something about.

Also, I'd like to thank Suz Anonymous. She is the guiding force behind this endeavor. Suz has taken it upon herself to take in Nabil and do whatever it takes to care for his safety. We have diffeences, but on this Suz and I are of one mind.

mudkitty said...

So the money is going thru Suz Anon.? Cuz it's damn near impossible to set up a Pay Pal account in Iraq today.

Indigo Red said...

No, the money goes to Nabil's paypal. He got one two years ago when he was setting up a soccer league at his high school. He needed to buy balls, uniforms, and equipment. Now he needs to leave. Suz Anon is handling the immigration stuff to New Zealand.

mudkitty said...

But you can understand why one might be skeptical?

What about his family? Why doesn't he mention them in his letter?

Indigo Red said...

I have known Nabil and his older brother, Zeyad (a Dentist), for alomast four years. Nabil was 15 yrs old when he started writing his blog and his English was passable. I and others helped him with his English and to understand waht was going on around him.

At that time, Nabil was more interested in music, soccer, video games, and hanging out with his friends. He often hung out with Amerian troops in the streets and we had to convince him that was not safe because the soldiers were targets. He really understood when the Red Cross building was attacked. His school was next door.

His mother and father live in a house in a Sunni district. They they had a better life than Shiites under Saddam because they were Ba'ath party members. Zeyad would not have been admitted to Dental school if they were not. Now their home is in a mortar attack target zone. Zeyad reports that just a day or two ago, Mom, Dam, and Nabil were hunkered down as they listened to mortars fly overhead and explode.

Nabil is enrolled at the university to study dentistry (maybe, he might coose something else.) These are not conmen. They are a family that wants out and can't easily do so on their own anymore. If Mom and Dad say they want Nabil to leave for NZ while they stay behind, then so be it.

It seems that you are all talk and when it comes to actually doing something good and right you haven't the guts. At least Suz is willing to put her entire fortune at risk to save one young man. All you can do is insinuate Nabil and Suz are thieves.

mudkitty said...

As you said, her fortune is being put "at risk." Seeing as how she lives in New Zealand, I'm not sure how you would know that, other that taking her word for it, though.

Have Suz or Nabil been asking for, and taking money this whole time that you've "known" him? Honestly and truly?

You do know that con-artists weve elaborate stories for money, don't you? Hitting all the right buttons and tayloring the story to the specific audience they're targeting. Telling people what they want to hear. Charity scams are the biggest catagory of scam in the world, and throughout history.

These things need to be throughly checked out. It's the responsible thing to do. I don't want Red or anyone else to be ripped off. Don't paint me as uncaring because I'm skeptical.

mudkitty said...

Did you complain when Oh Really held the Red Cross's feet to the fire?

Indigo Red said...

I don't watch O'Reilly. And what are you babbling on about the Red Cross for?

You have absolutely zero idea what you're talking about (agian), so just drop it.

mudkitty said...

Ok, but don't paint me as uncaring. I care about YOU.

And I do know what I'm talking about, and you know it.

mudkitty said...

Consider it dropped.