Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Muslim Moderates Don't Exist

Tunisian philosopher, Mezri Haddad in a blog entry January 31, 2006, severely criticizes Islamists who have 'have reduced the koran to a nauseating antisemitic lampoon'. If the world had more Muslims of the caliber of Haddad, the Islamofacsists would find no comfort anywhere. The following translation in courtesy of MEMRI.

"Arab Public Opinion... Has Found, in Antisemitism, the Perfect Catalyst For All Its Narcissistic Wounds and Social, Economic, and Political Frustrations"

"The young Iranian president's deliberately outrageous, mortifying, and extremist [statements] aiming at Holocaust denial have provoked stupor and indignation everywhere in the world, with the quite symptomatic exception of the Islamic countries... This deafening silence cannot be explained solely by the fear of suffering from terrorist attacks, as in the heyday of Khomeinist obscurantism. It is also explained by the necessity of getting along with Arab public opinion, which, after years of galvanization by the most reactionary forms of nationalist casuistry and Islamist dogmatism, has found in antisemitism the perfect catalyst for all its narcissistic wounds and social, economic, and political frustrations.

"It must be admitted that some Koranic verses, intentionally isolated from their historical context, have contributed even more to the anchoring of antisemitic stereotypes in Arab-Muslim mentalities. Incidentally, one could say the same about the New Testament, certain passages of which served, in the distant past and the not-so-distant past, to give a theological patina to the most abominable of anti-Jewish persecutions. The Church had to carry out its own 'aggiornamento'... in order to deprive Christian extremists of any evangelical legitimacy.

"All this is to say that the petrifaction of Arab-Muslim mentalities is not at all irremediable - provided that Islamic thinkers show intellectual audacity. Since they cannot purge the Koran of its potentially antisemitic dross, they must closely examine this corpus with hermeneutical reasoning...

"If the West's indignation [at Ahmadinejad's statements] is perfectly understandable and justified, their stupor shows, on the other hand, a certain credulity in their very conception of the Iranian regime. Those who were surprised by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's heinous stigmatizations are the very same people who - distinguishing between the regime and the people who comprise it, and swallowing the fable that there are 'moderate' Islamists and 'extremist' Islamists - have long believed in the normalization of the Islamic Republic [of Iran] and in its ineluctable democratization. As Jesus said [John 20:29], 'Blessed are those who have not seen, and yet have believed'...

"It is true that this rehabilitation of the fundamentalist Iranian regime was possible only following the irruption, on September 11, 2001, of a new, mutant form of the most extreme kind of Islamism: Al-Qaeda and its macabre cortege of candidates for martyrdom... Bin Laden's triumph, his true miracle, consists in not only having given a civilized appearance to hideous theocracies, but also in having given a human, or even humanist, face to neo-fascist movements who aspire to power: Hamas in Palestine... Hizbullah in Lebanon, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and their alter egos everywhere in the Arab world...

"Like amnesiacs, no one wanted anymore to remember on what ideological substratum this Shiite theocracy rested... What was forgotten was that Islamism - this theocratic, fundamentally totalitarian, and clearly antisemitic ideology -... is doctrinally inalterable. Following the most unexpected geopolitical paths, giving in to the demands of realpolitik, Islamism can demonstrate a great degree of pragmatism in its relations with Western powers. Nonetheless, it will not renounce its strategic objectives: in domestic policy, an obsolete shari'a on all of its subjects; and in foreign policy, hegemonic expansion, international proselytizing, and the eradication of 'the Zionist tumor.' Semantic changes within ideological continuity - that is the essence of Islamist Machiavellianism..."

"One Cannot Reform A Theocracy; One Must Throw It Back Into The Wastebasket Of History"

"It is because people for so long believed in the illusion of an Islamism one can live with... that they had recourse to every possible and imaginable ratiocination in order to make sense of the Iranian president's fundamentally antisemitic diatribes. In this anatomy of anathema, every analytical tool was employed... [but] one has to go back to the original purity of the Khomeini's doctrine in order to understand the congenital antisemitism of the current Iranian president...

"On August 30, 1979, Khomeini declared at Qom: 'Those who demand democracy want to drag the country into corruption and ruin. They are worse than the Jews. They should be hanged. They are not men...' In his pamphlet 'Political, Philosophical, Social, and Religious Principles,' he reproduced all of the stereotypes propounded by Islamist rhetoric...: 'The Jews, may God lay them low, have manipulated the editions of the Koran... These Jews and their supporters have a project to destroy Islam and to establish a Jewish world government.' Whence this categorical imperative: 'Israel, this cancerous tumor, must disappear, and the Jews must be damned and fought until the end of time.'

"But in the meantime, Ayatollah Khomeini could beg Israel for arms and military assistance in order to resist the Iraqi invasion. We can thus easily guess from whom Rafsanjani, Khatami, and the other emblematic figures of 'enlightened Islamism' derived their cynical pragmatism!

"Therefore one should stop viewing the Iranian regime with naive eyes, as some people perpetuate the myth of an opposition between 'reformists' and 'conservatives,' which, while it expresses a real - but utilitarian -political nuance, does not, however, imply a doctrinal antagonism. One cannot reform a theocracy; one must throw it back into the wastebasket of history, from which it never should have cropped up [in the first place].

"In Iran, and in general in the Muslim world, the line of demarcation does not pass between 'moderate' Islamists and 'extremist' Islamists, but rather between theocrats and democrats, between fundamentalists and secularists, between those who have reduced the Koran to a case of nauseating antisemitism and those who, having seized the spirit and put the letter in perspective, know that Jews, like Christians, are Muslims' brothers in monotheism and in humanity, and that the Muslims' God is much more tolerant than the Islamists' divinity..."

Another Muslim telling the West what is really going on and, yet, we still pay no heed. Haddad's words of warning will be ignored because they do not comport with what the Western has-been powers want to hear. While we confab with the butchers, asking them kindly to stop killing our bretren and live peacably, the Islamofascists plot our deaths.

While we negotiate with Syria and Iran to stablize Iraq, those two countries are working to destablize Iraq. Syria sends upwards of 100 jihadis per day into Iraq to kill and maim; Iran sends Revolutionary Guard trainers and IED's. They are also acting quickly to overthrow Lebanon by assassinating Cabinet Ministers, especially the Christian members. Two more dead Ministers and the government will collapse. On Thursday, Hizb'allah will hold nationwide anti-government rallies aimed at toppling the elected government. By next Sunday, Lebanon will be a Hizb'allah controlled state. By the following summer, Israel will again be at war and will probably cease to exist by fall. Such are the fruits of the bitter harvest in negotiating with evil. Nothing of any lasting good can come from negotiating with Iran and Syria or any Islamofascist entity.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


dcat said...

It is all so obvious to you and me Indigo.

Yet there are still the ones out there turning a blind eye to it all!

Thanks for the joke I sure needed it today! Just talked to an old friend in Hammond In. We grew up together.

She is a nurse practitioner and talked about a few months ago when she called the FBI about an incident at the clinic she works at! Found that the family she reported are under surveillance and have been for quite some time now. And there are others out there. I have had a similar occurrence and I live on the west coast!

It's gonna be a bloody one!

mudkitty said...

What Iraq?

Which Iraq?

Oh, you mean the confabulation that's been proped up by the Brits since the 1920's, untill Thatcher made it our problem in the 80's?

That Iraq?

The Iraq where Rummy shakes hands with Saddam over arms deals - hense the famous photo?

That Iraq?

Which Iraq are you refering to?

The one that the neo-cons fantasize about in their wildest hedgemonic dreams?

That Iraq?

Which Iraq are you refering to?

The one with the "Western Style" democracy...replete with cowboy boots? Texas Republic style? The Iraq they sold to W?

Or the Iraq that's emerging now? The Iraq, that as a result of our invasion has instituted Sharia Law in it's very "Constitution?"

Look, if the object were "regime change..." Mission ackomplished. Why the occupation? (The answers to that question is obvious, as any war profiteer or mercinary knows.)

Why should the Iraqis stand up if we won't let them?

But then which Iraqis are you talking about? The Kurds? The Sunnis? The Shia? (Bush, himself admits to not even knowing the difference between sunni and shia untill '05, long after he invaded Baghdad...

What Iraq?

Indigo Red said...

What the hell are you babbling about? I swear, if liberals had an ounce of sense they'd almost be morons.

mudkitty said...

I'm "babbleing" about the orgins and history of Iraq, and relating it to today's challenges.

Take a deep breath and take it in.

Skye said...


You have to step back and consider that fact that most liberals could not point out Iraq on a map prior to 2003.

It makes dealing with them a whole lot laughable.

Anonymous said...


If war serves any purpose then it can be said that at least it teaches liberals geography, to paraphrase Ambrose Bierce.

Mike's America said...

Indigo: Your post points out that we will do anything but confront the reality of the evil threat we face. Then, as if on cue, moonbat mudslinger shows up and proves your point.

I hope everyone has the chance to see clips from the film "Obsession" which Fox News is reshowing. When you do, ask yourself "why hasn't this been reported on before?"

Happy Thanksgiving Indigo and Friends!

mudkitty said...

"By the following summer, Israel will again be at war AND WILL PROBABLY CEASE TO EXIST?"

Check you blood pressure, and check to see if you have a fever. I'm worried about you, honey.

But I am going to check back in at the appointed time that "Israel will probably cease to exist," and prove to you the folly of that statement, and the folly of that kind of fear mongering.

dcat said...

Forget about the assholes for the day and Have a great Thanksgiving Indigo! :D

mudkitty said...

Muslim moderates do exist, but can you blame them for being afraid of the extremists? You're the ones always going on about what killers they are.

Indigo Red said...

Again you didn't bother to read the post. The writer IS A MUSLIM! If a Muslim tells me Islam does not allow moderation, who am I to argue with him?