Saturday, November 11, 2006

Jew Hatred Has No Place Here

This past Wednesday, I posted a photo of Nancy Pelosi, Member of Congress, holding a whip and looking very uncomfortable. Certainly, she understood the future use to which the photo would be put.

The posting was short and simple. But, the comments developed a life of their own. One commenter, Suz Anonymous, from New Zealand, took umbrage with a comment I made at another blog. A lively exchange ensued. But, suddenly at the end, the true unvarnished poisonous position of Suz Anonymous came through loud and clear.

Addressing SKYE from Midnight Blue, Suz Anonymous asked:

skye: are you a jew? it is the only logical explanation for your massive nose...
Discrimination and bigotry are very ugly things. Though very normal feelings and activities as I have witnessed bigoted and discriminatory behavior at the local park amongst the ducks and geese. It is all very natural. But, we are not ducks and geese. We have brains larger than walnuts. We have the ability to think beyond ourselves. Those who cannot are to be excused as nature has not been evenhanded. Those who will not think are to be condemned. I will not tolerate anti-semitism anywhere I find it. Go ahead and rail against Israeli policies all you wish, but anti-semitism has no place here.

JEW HATRED IS NOT NORMAL. Jew hatred is unwelcome here and should be unwelcome everywhere, by everyone that values human life, by people in all places at all times. Anti-semitism is wrong not because it is aimed at Jews, but because IT IS WRONG. It was wrong in the mid- 20th century when Adolf Hitler and Henry Ford wanted the complete eradication of Jews from the planet, and it is wrong today on every occasion in every place for every person.

"are you a jew?" hangs Suz Anonymous by her own words as a despicable individual. Her ignorant and bigoted views will find no traction here. I ask all of my readers to express their own views concerning the comments of Suz Anonymous made here.

On this day, November 11, the day the guns of The War to End All Wars fell silent at the 11th hour, we, in America, look back on our often violent, perhaps misguided, bigoted history. We take stock of the lives we are able to live today and we say, "THANK YOU" to the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, Coast Guards, and National Guards who have secured our freedoms and liberties at the risk of their own lives. And not the fredoms and liberties of only America's citizens, but also the millions upon millions of lives today for whom not long ago freedom was a just forbidden dream. And the countless billions into the future for whom freedom will not be a unreachable dream, but a daily reality.

Throughout our bloodied past, when freedom was to be defended and evil crushed, no one asked, "are you a jew?" Catholics, Protestants, Jews, and Muslims fought, died, and triumphed over any bigotry they may have brought with them. Most often, bigotry was the first to die on the battlefields of freedom.

Three-score and one year ago, our fathers and grandfathers, citizen soldiers, went to war against what was thought to be the ultimate in anti-semitism -NAZI Germany and the Final Solution. Millions of Jews had already been murdered. Hundreds of thousands of American lives were lost to stop the killing of the Jews. When these soldiers asked, "are you a Jew?", they often broke down in tears. Through tears and humility, aid was rendered to any Jew found alive. In return, the barely surviving victims of anti-semitism, the victims of hate and intolerance gave in return all they had, a simple "thank you." More millions from around the world died or had their lives irrevocably altered because of the hatred called anti-semitism.

Thousands of good and brave New Zealanders took part in ending the killing of European Jewry. Their efforts are thrown in the dirt by Suz Anonymous who sullies the good name and reputations of those honorable Kiwis. She should be ashamed, but is probably proud of herself for taking on the great and powerful American bloggers and Jews behind the curtain all the while signing herself "Anonymous."

I condemn you, Suz Anonymous. I condemn all fools who share your hate.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


Anonymous said...

She sure is a nasty piece of work, isn't she?

The vituperation against America was bad enough, but then her anti Semitic venom really displayed what a hate-filled creature she is.

Whew. You've certainly had your share of poisonous pen commenters this past week.

dcat said...


I havn't been on much.

Indigo yeah part of me is! Does someone wanna make something of it!? HUH!?

LOL People like anon will never be happy and never be part of my life! Nothing but assholes with shit coming out of the mouth!

Anonymous said...

so let's get this straight.

you can insult and demean democrats. you can insult and demean the iraqi people.

but say the j-word, even in jest, and all hell breaks loose?

or is it just another convenient excuse for you to soapbox?

yet another diversionary tactic to keep attention from your glaring inabilities to debate the actual issues?

when you can explain to me where your "freedom" and "democracy" lies in the perpetual choice between two wealthy white businessmen, i'll be far more impressed than by your constant failure to actually answer the questions put to you.

i'm hardly anonymous when my contact details are a matter of public record.

if you can drop the spin and answer to your own conduct in a coherent and poignant fashion, come find me.

in the meantime, i'll happily just leave you and your team of yes-men here in your communal sespool of flagrant denial and delusion.

Indigo Red said...

From the Comments of the previous post:

Anonymous said...

actually, my last words were "that is the only explanation for your massive nose."

12:18 PM

Anonymous said...
and what you really mean is:

"thank you!"

"thank you!"

"thank you!"

"thank you!"

(for giving you something else to spin off, so that you might yet again avoid answering the ACTUAL ISSUES)

12:19 PM

Anonymous said...

Bullsh*t, anonymous rotten Kiwi.

You now claim that you jest about your anti Semitic remark.

And you claim that if we "hate" Democrats that you can "hate" Jews? What a moron you are.

First of all, hating a "Democrat" is not the same as hating a Jew.

Being a Jew is accidental. No one "chose" to be a Jew at birth. A person's Jewish identity is passed on by the mother. There is a continuity by blood. They cannot help being a Jew. So hating a person for something that they did not choose or cannot help being is stupid, evil and illogical.

Hating Democrats (and I do not hate them, but I am using the term for continuity in my argument) is not illogical or evil because Democrats CHOOSE to be Democrats. It is not accidental, but deliberate. One CAN help being a Democrat because there is choice in the matter.

Now try and get that through your head, which, from your prior posts demonstrate that your mind is unhinged, illogical and just plain ugly.

Don said...

I am glad for Suz's comment. Now that I fully understand her mentality, it is easier to totally dismiss anything she has to say. She is just an open sore oozing pus. She obviously has no idea of the minorities and women who actually make up our government or she would never make the uninformed comment about white businessmen. Has she ever heard of Condi?

Tom C said...

Big nose huh? I guess I'm black!

Abdurahman Warsame said...

Indigo Red,

I like the post, at least s/he [suz] won't be using that screen name anymore.

How about tom c's comments, should we expect another post :)

Indigo Red said...

Thanks, Abduraahman. I should hope she doesn't, but with those views, it won't matter what name she uses.

As to Tom C's comment - as you have surmissed, no, there will be no post. Suz Anonymous was being hateful with a deliberate attempt to harm. Tom is playing with the view expressed by Suz and recently by John Kerry that "what you heard me say and what you saw me write was not what I said and was not what I wrote." Claiming something to be what it obviously is not should always be subject to ridicule and condemnation.

But, you already knew that!

dcat said...

Nice job telling the idiot off! I just shook my head thinking how absurd this anon is!

Anonymous said...

of course it was a joke. it was an obvious reference to two things:

a) big nose = pinnocchio, whose nose gets bigger with each mistruth


b) big nose = haughty, nose high in the air etc, as skye identifies herself as a democrat but then repeatedly accuses people of being democrats with the intention of insulting and demeaning them, on her blog.

it is obvious from looking at skye's widely self-distributed wannabe-glamour-shot that her nose is not disproportionate to her body.

it is true that she could use a bloody good steak and a bloody good work-out, in that order, but physically, her nose is not a stand-out feature (and nor should it be) of her face.

my insinuation that the only other explanation for her haughtiness re democrats (other than the aforementioned a and b) was that she was a jew. a joke obviously made in poor taste, but as I have both jews in my bloodline and several relatives who fought (and one who lost their life) in World War II it didn't occur to me that it would instantly become the focal point of a giant spin and smear campaign by Indigo Red.

Which was foolish, considering that has been their MO consistently.

I would like to point out to Indigo Red that my grandfather and his brother were at war not three score and one year ago, but three score and six years ago.

While Bush's grandfather was making millions buying Nazi products and selling them supplies, and while America sat on its giant proverbial ass and did absolutely nothing about the sorry state of Europe, my countrymen were crawling around trenches in deserts, trying to contain the German threat.

But I guess that predictably, that part didn't make it into your tirade, Indigo Red.

It will sure be interesting to see what your spin on this is.

The Flomblog said...

So there was this Rabbi, Priest and Minister --- or Hey - guess why Jews have big noses? Air is free. Or Did you hear the one about the Jewish American Princess who ...

Personal characterists "don't mean squat". I'm a short, fat, white Jewish guy. Who cares!

Those people who identify people by their race, religion or any physical charicteristic are fools. I really do not care who Mr. Anon's grandparents were - I do care that he is foolish.

I am a Jew. I am an American. Do you realise that before the United States of America a statement of Religion and Nationality could be mutually exclusive?

Folks lime Indie and I Stand up and say what we think. we expose ourselves to the world. I sugest Mr. Anon that you grow a set and start your own blok and leave a gentleman like Indigo Red alone.

Anonymous said...

Typical response.

What Indigo Red "stands up" and says he thinks, is that we should be grateful to America for their eventual participation in World War II.

Despite the fact that America didn't join in World War II until it had finished profiting from it.

But instead of addressing that point, you try to make out like my grandparents are the issue you're ignoring??

Different username, same MO.

Mike H. said...

Actually dip we should have stayed out of your war, you were doing such a fantastic job of winning. The Japanese would've made your place into a resort and you would have been pleased as punch. Say hi to Judy.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, did I just hear yet another person attempt to divert attention in order to completely ignore the point?

America profits from war. And participates only when it suits.

Generation, after generation, after generation.

Mike's America said...

Ugh! Anonymouse is such a typical leftie. More bile than brains.

Anti-semitism has long been a hidden part of the Dem coaltion. It's only more recently that it dares to openly rear it's ugly head.

I linked to a report at Conservative Intelligence Review where he found commenters at the Huffington Post actually saying we should reopen the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz and gas Senator Joe Lieberman and Republicans who supported the war.

These folks are pretty twisted, sick.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

it is obvious from looking at skye's widely self-distributed wannabe-glamour-shot that her nose is not disproportionate to her body.

it is true that she could use a bloody good steak and a bloody good work-out, in that order, but physically, her nose is not a stand-out feature (and nor should it be) of her face.

Do I sense jealousy here? How petty and lame are you? Attacking a person's looks rather than addressing the substance of a point? Skye is gorgeous, btw. I don't blame you for being jealous. I'm sure if my dog had a face as ugly as yours, I'd shave its ass and teach it to walk backwards.

Were you offended by that insult? Why? I have no idea what you look like, nor care. You take way too many things personally over the internet. No one really cares to hear you go on about your art business, your Jewish family history, etc. It's all ego. You invest far too much of it in your comments.

You should be grateful that America entered into WWII, btw. Show us thanks, ingrate!

while America sat on its giant proverbial ass and did absolutely nothing about the sorry state of Europe, my countrymen were crawling around trenches in deserts, trying to contain the German threat.

Much of the world sat on its ass before it finally had no choice but react to being overrun, realizing a bit too late that appeasement policy doesn't work.

So now that we are "pre-emptively" and proactively dealing with today's threats, you now have a problem with it? And see it as America war profiteering? What kind of bitchin' would you be doing right now if America "sat on its ass" and allowed Islamo-fascists to continue running roughshod in the world? You're a fool and an idiot. Why do I resort to the ad hominems? Because I don't suffer gladly, the vitriolic insults and hate-spew, started off by you.