Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I've been a very bad boy, Miss Nancy!

Madam Speaker!

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


Tom C said...

Heavy sigh.

Anonymous said...

"IndigoRed" - you are a complete and unbelievable twat, stop deluding yourself that the world cares about your ignorant opinions and do us the favour of staying the hell away from the blogs of Iraqi people with more character and efficacy in their little finger than you could possess in the entire of your meaningless life.

How the hell can any citizen of America lecture any other nation on nation building?? You are talking from a country that used genocide, displacement and theft on a massive scale to create its "great homeland" - and more to the point YOU -ARE- BRITISH. Don't talk about them like a third party, as if you are somehow removed from their actions when that's exactly where you came from!! The crimes they have perpetrated throughout history you have supported and mimicked at every turn!!

You have the nerve to talk about freedom as if you are free??? You are enslaved in a system that forces you to choose between one rich white businessman and another rich white businessman and you call yourselves democratic?? You call yourselves free??

You say America is free????

America is a fucking mockery of democracy and a mockery of freedom and shame on you for even beginning to try to dictate to Iraq what their political model should be when you yourself are as politically enslaved as the Middle East is.

Mike's America said...

What an asshole! Does he think he's convincing anyone with that crap above?

Anyway, to the point: I get sick when I see that photo and realize how the face of that witch is going to be all over my television screen the next couple of months. I may just buy a years supply of DVD';s and cut the cable.

atheling2 said...

Goodness, another moral equivalency idiot named anonymous... If we're so bad then why do we have an illegal alien problem?

Indigo, you sure are getting your fill of the moonbats here. Get rid of one and another comes to stink up the place.

Mike, not a bad idea... I don't think I want to watch Madame Speaker either. After all she says the same things over and over and over again.

Anonymous said...

notice that neither of you can refute the fact that i have EXACTLY described the perpetual dilemna of your so-called democracy.

a democratic leader is supposed to represent the people and all you have to choose from is white businessmen. hello in the head - that ISN'T A CHOICE!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is the burka too tight today, anon?

A democratic leader represents the WILL of the his or her constituents - not their skin color.

Typical liberal!

Anonymous said...

and the will of all their constituents is to only have the choice between a white businessman and another white businessman???

err, good point???

clutch tight your pretenses skye, i can understand why you would need to when you are the one that lives in the politically enslaved fraud of a "democracy"

thank christ i live in one of the few TRULY FREE and TRULY DEMOCRATIC countries on this planet

Indigo Red said...

Anonymous is really a woman named Suz. She's pissed about something I wrote at Nabil's Blog. In fact, even Nabil was ticked a bit, however I believe it was just a misunderstanding.

Suz is angry about the war, but too angry to pass up an advertising forum for her homepage Art Sales biz. She's also angry because I place the historical blame for what is happening in Iraq today, squarely at the feet of the British Empire (Suz is in NZ.)

Some very bad things are happening in Nabil's neighborhood. He has a firm grasp of what is happening and who is to blame. Nabil is all grown up now, a very smart and brave man.

A mortar round exploded on the street outside his bedroom. Other random targets in his street have been hit. Please read Nabil's Blog. He has pictures of the explosion hole in the street.

Indigo Red said...

"...all you have to choose from is white businessmen..."

What does white have to do with anything? You are apparently a businesswoman advertising a product so useless in a warzone as to be heartless and crass --
Suz | Homepage|.

Indigo Red said...

A commenter of Nabil's asked this question thinking it was rhetorical, but I happened along:


(My answer)
Pre-war: 6.2 millon people hooked up to sewage lines so their body wastes don't float down the streets.
Oct. 30, 2006: 10.7 million people are connected to sewage systems.

Pre-war: 12.9 million people had clean drinking water from the tap.
Oct. 30, 2006: 14.3 million people can drink clean, healthly water from their kitchen sink without fear of deseases.

Pre-war: 3958 megawatts, about 4-8 hrs per day.
Oct. 31, 2006: 4100 megawatts, about 16-24 hrs per day.

Pre-war landlines: 833,000
Oct 31, 2006: 1.25 million

Pre-war: O, zero, zip, nada
Oct 31, 2006: 7 million

Newspapers NOT controlled by the government
Pre-war: none, O, zero, zip, nada.
Oct. 31, 2006: more than 100 in Baghdad alone. One newspaper publishes 15 different newspapers.

After that, I went on to explain that Iraq was a country that shoud never have existed. It only came to be because of the British Empire which created it to pit the various tribes against one another rather than shooting at the Redcoats. Of course, this is not part of European educational materials and umbrage was taken.

Indigo Red said...

Suz -- NZ is not a "true democracy", either. Yours is a Parliamentary Democracy. A true democracy would not have a Parliament, as all persons in a democracy must decide every question. That's alot of work and that's why true democracy doesn't work.

Neither is NZ "truly free". I would venture that many restrictions are placed upon people's behavior and desires. Most are required for an orderly and peaceable society and many are probably just dumb rules that no one remembers why they exist.

There should be a law, however, against putting a slice of beet on a hamburger sandwich. But then, I think there should be a law against mayonaisse on a hamburger sandwich here in America.

Anonymous said...

oh the persistent delusion.

1. I was angry about your bullshit tirade about america being supposedly free and Iraq not being 'worthy' of being 'free' until they 'take their freedom' (the way America did??? with genocide, theft, murder lies and delusion...) and how America was so much better than Britain, who were the evil perpetrators of dissent in the ME blah blah

2. Had you made even the most rudimentary attempt at reading any of the content on my site you would work out pretty quickly that since the owner is called Suzette and there is no artist starting with Suz who I was???
Not to mention that my art business, had you actually delved into any of the founding concepts or the way we are revolutionising the NZ art industry (dealers were charging artists 40-60% + costs before I started EI, which charges 0% and NO COSTS) then you MIGHT be in a position to comment about the social conscience of my business or otherwise (nor I notice did you delve into the World Vision sponsorship programme, the Beautiful Art Awards for high school kids nor the licensing opportunities/copyright protections never ever before directly afforded to these artists by any agency unless for the agencies profit..)

3. I have sales through the roof and have deliberately NOT advertised internationally for sales as export is more hassle than it is worth and as I have major programming deals nationally within NZ now I would prefer that I did -not- have international viewers attempting to purchase pieces, especially as they will not be able to view them physically at the gallery I am opening in Newmarket in the New Year!!!!

However, on Nabils blog I was logged in and it has my web address by default - on your hunk of shit blog I am not logged in and never will be.

Perhaps I could have had my web address lead to some overly inflated blog of stolen media and opinions that don't belong to me but then I would be in direct competition with you and fuck, the world doesn't need two of you, that's for sure.

Indigo Red said...

Good morning, Suz.

I certainly did not intend to blame England as the British Empire is gone now for many years and what happened under toe auspices of the Crown was a long time ago. However, the actions taken by the Empire officials in Iraq on other locales is a matter of historical fact. I invite you to read up on the pertainant history.

There is a name Sue Stephenson. I've a sister named Susan. She calls herself Suzi and her freinds call her Suz. I was genuinely asking about your own art, if any. If you are an artist, I would like very much to see it, as I have a Bachelor of Arts degree. If you are wishing to emphasize the social consciousness aspect of your site, then those aspects need to be closer to the page top and set off from the rest of content in some way. Most first time page views are very fast. If nothing catches the eye, then the visitor is gone. Congratulations and a big thank you for your attempt to change an internationally unfair financial market to favor artists. Using your biz as your homepage is, unfortunately, advertising. Many peopel would be right to think the advertising of art in a war zone where innocent people are being killed and injured is crass and in poor taste. I'm sure that's not what was intended. Perhaps if you changed the homepage before comment submission or leave it off when at sites as Nabil's. Just suggestions meaning no threat.

Insulting my blog and myself or any other of my guests will not win gains for yourself or your business. The opinions expressed in the blog posts are my own. Those that are not are so labelled and are included because the authors of those opinions are in someway "movers and shakers". Though the art works on your homepage are original, the work is not your own. That's not really so different from what is being claimed in your comment #3.

Let us leave this on a postive note. Suz is openening a brick and mortar store in Newmarket in the coming New Year. Good luck in the new shop. (Please, I mam not being sarcastic. Truly, good luck.) When I'm in Newmarket, I will try to stop by to see the work and maybe go home with a nice piece, perhaps a watercolor.

Anonymous said...

God, you are such a dreamer.

How can you say "the British Empire is gone now for many years and what happened under toe auspices of the Crown was a long time ago" with a straight face. The British have continually meddled in the affairs of other nations, JUST LIKE THE AMERICANS.

They have utilised every depraved and deplorable means of political and economic inteference, to their own morally perverse gain, consistently, JUST LIKE THE AMERICANS.

If you are so naieve (or hopeful) as to consider those attitudes and actions long since in the past then it is not surprising that you also delude yourself that America is not an equal perpetrary in the "compromise, conformity, assimilation, submission, ignorance, hypocrisy and brutality by the elite - all of which are American dreams".

You do not need only to look into the history to see the evidence - try the present.

As for EI, you are the first person ever to view the site and be unable to work out that it was formed with the specific purpose of freeing artists from the bonds of blackmail and collusion by the traditional galleries and dealers. I know it might be a little much to expect you to look at a page called "About Us", or even a page called "Why Buy From EI?" but I'll drop a few very easily found quotes for you.

How about... Mission Statements???

"With regard to the trade of artworks by New Zealand artists we aim:

To fulfill all communications, IT, sales, marketing and administrative functions at no cost to our artists; allowing them to wholly dedicate their time to their art.

To aid our artists in making the transition from extra-curricular to professional; fostering the opportunity to pursue their craft as a full-time career."

Or better yet... "Why Buy.."

"By buying EI you are directly investing in the future of your chosen artist. You are granting them the opportunity to develop their art as a career path instead of being forced to relegate it to a hobby, as historically has often been the case.

Become a modern day patron of the arts; support EI - because we support emerging original NZ artists."

Now on to your claims of inappropriate material. Was Zeyad's posting of the dancing policeman crass? Are they not allowed to laugh and dance if they find the provocation? Are they not even MORE deserving of enjoyment or distraction than anyone else?

Do you really feel that Nabil/Zeyad/any decent human being in the world is going to be offended by someone trying to provide career development opportunities for struggling artists?? Or are you just jealous that you don't have anything near so worthy happening in your own life??

You are the -ONLY- person who has offered any suggestion of offense, inappropriateness or otherwise and as you are also the only person who hasn't bothered to research what you are commenting on your opinion isn't worth the HTML it is presented in.

Indigo Red said...

So you agree that the problems are of long standing dating bach to the British Raj, right? And the actions of so long ago are intruding upon the world today. Only this time America as the inhetitor of the blame that eminatted from the Empires of Britain and France as they were party to the Balfour Declaration of 2 November 1917, that divided the ME into states suitable only to Europe, to which bin Laden made reference after the attacks of 9/11.

Suz, you are now using my big piece of crap forum to advertise. Truth be known, you are welcome to do so. But, again insulting me and calling me names, though I don't really care, are self-defeating.

No, I don't think that Zeyad's Dancing Policeman was crass as he was not publishing the picture in order to make money while others die. I don't find your material inappropriate. The sales pitch is. The advertising is inappropriate. Would you advertise beer at Alcholics Anonymous meeting? I would hope not. Support struggling NZ artists- absolutely, by nearly all means, just not in awarzone where peopel are fighting to stay alive. A pretty picture on the wall to hide that nasty bullet hole in the wall after it went thrugh Grandma is so far beyond being the last thing needed. The forum chosen for the very worty cause is tantamount to selling balloons, streamers, noise makers, and confetti at a funeral. Not an appropriate venue.

I seriously doubt I am the only person on the planet to visit your homepage, glance and retreat. It simply is so far off topic as to hold no import to the subject. If I were looking for New Zealand artist, I would stop and read. But I'm not and I don't. If indeed I am the ONLY person who has taken offensr then I count myself in the best of company.

I'd like to return to the first comment of what seems to be an unending series, in which I am referred to as a "twat". Am I to understand that I am beimg accused of being the poprtion of the female anatomy more correctly called the "vulva". If so and you are a woman, why would you do that? Isn't a vulva a good thing. or, at least, neutral? On the chance the reference was to "stupid, annoying person" then that calrify everything. You are the woman, hence, twat, and I am the stupid person, twit.

Please, Suz, stop using invective and state your case reasonably and calmly. If evidence of the statements I've made are required, just ask. I will provide the information from a variety of sources if needs be.

Just one more suggestion - if my blog is so disgusting, feel free to find those with more appeal. Atleast, we gave each other a chance.

On the chance you will not choose to return (which you are very much welcome to do) good bye and good luck.

Anonymous said...

Again, you are missing the points. I am now finding it hard to believe it is not deliberate, as you are spinning with the dexterity of a natural (if off-kilter) weaver.

The fact that the American administration is full of money-hungry blood-thirsty scoundrels TODAY is not because of what the British did or didn't do way back when.

The Americans are culpable TODAY for being money-hungry and blood-thirsty just as they were culpable for being so since the dawn of your "civilisation" (read: institutionalisation of theft and murder on a grand scale).

Again, to your visiting my "homepage" and then claiming that I had somehow slyly insinuated it into an Iraqi blog when in fact it was unwitting:

I was never "advertising". Advertising is something that I do on television stations and in newspapers, not on Iraqi blogs.

As has been repeatedly explained to you, despite your inherent resistance to accept the logic of it, I was logged in under my own art blog name, which happens to have my website listed in the URL.

My expounding upon the founding policies of my business was in defense of your accusations of capitalistic profiteering and god knows what else.

According to Google, the average amount of time spent on my website by a new viewer is between 10-15 minutes. This is unprecedented for most websites, but obviously due to the mass of content on EI, most people have to spend something in that range to actually get a good look at it.

That you chose to not get a good look but then to rant on as if you knew anything about it probably belies the depth of research you invest in your OTHER opinions also.

In light of that, I will be sure to assign any future postings of yours with the half a grain of salt that your previous postings have had the collective worth of.

Anonymous said...

And as for 'appropriate' - advertising your opinion that Iraqi's aren't worthy of freedom, on a blog by someone with mortars pounding the street outside their house, is far more callous, insensitive, uncompassionate, fickle, inappropriate and just plain insulting than any accidental inclusion of an art site could EVER be.

Anonymous said...

Whew, Suz, what happened? Did you have an American boyfriend who dumped you lately?

Or is premenopausal hysteria?

Skye said...

Philadelphia, a city run by the brothers and the sisters, is also the #1 city for voter fraud.

The city doesn't fit your whitewashed discription of American Democracy.

I wonder what exactly you do know...


clutch tight your pretenses skye, i can understand why you would need to when you are the one that lives in the politically enslaved fraud of a "democracy"

Skye said...

We refer to them as DEMOCRATS.

The fact that the American administration is full of money-hungry blood-thirsty scoundrels TODAY

Anonymous said...

if any of you were actually sane enough to admit the crimes in your history AND present you might actually carve yourself out a position to debate your dissent on other facets of the topic from. unfortunately, since you cling so tightly to the "home of the/land of the" bullshit you lack all credibility in any of your other commentary.

that too is where the republicans consistently lost credibility. how can you ever believe someone who doesn't have the balls to say "i messed up, that wasn't the way i should have handled it" - completely flying in the face of the mountain of blatant evidence??

atheling2: at 26 i'm not too concerned about premature menopause. nor is my husband.

skye: are you a jew? it is the only logical explanation for your massive nose...

Indigo Red said...

Suz Anonymous writes:

"skye: are you a jew? it is the only logical explanation for your massive nose..."

I think all can clearly see where Suz is coming from. This kind blatant, ugly, ignorant, worthless, bigotry has no place here. Anti-Semitism most of all has no place here.

Suz has hanged herself by her own ugly words. I ask all the guests to "Indigo Red" to please, please leave no more comments on this thread.

Let the words of Suz ring loud, let them ring clear as the last invective -






Anonymous said...


actually, my last words were "that is the only explanation for your massive nose."

Anonymous said...

and what you really mean is:

"thank you!"

"thank you!"

"thank you!"

"thank you!"

(for giving you something else to spin off, so that you might yet again avoid answering the ACTUAL ISSUES)