Sunday, November 26, 2006

Is This Any Way to Fight a War?

During the recent Hizb'allah-Israeli War, Israel made phone calls to enemy commanders and targets informing them Israeli warplanes would destroy their homes within a set period of time and the bad guy had best get his family out of the way. It seemed the only civilized thing to do, albeit really stupid.

Not killing the enemy leadership worked so well in Lebanon that Israel is now using the tactic in Gaza. However, Hamas has learned what Hizb'allah didn't - don't run away from the target, run to the target. Grab the old ladies, pack-up the babies and every one goes to Brother Ahmed's show. Surround the house with human shields and Israel will call off the attack.

Columnist Peter Worthington wrote the following piece in Sunday's Toronto Sun.

November 26, 2006

War cannot be waged 'peacefully'

Want to know why we (meaning the West) won't win the war on terror?

Look at Israel, arguably the toughest, least compromising of the democracies when it comes to combating terrorism. It has been fighting terrorism from the day it became a sovereign state, thanks to the UN.

Yet Israel, after failing to win the brief war with Hezbollah, is back to having to defend itself against rockets from Gaza, where Hamas rules when it isn't feuding with the Palestinian Authority.

The other day, after a rocket attack, Israel announced it was attacking the home of a suspected terrorist leader where explosives were stored. It gave the occupants 30 minutes warning to evacuate before war planes obliterated the house.

So what did the residents do? Well, not only did they not evacuate, but neighbours formed a human shield at the targeted house and, guess what?

The Israel war planes were called off. So now, every time the Israelis give the 30-minute warning which, apparently, is policy, the "human shields" of women and children head for the targeted house, secure in the knowledge that the Israelis won't attack.

This is madness -- no way to fight a war, or terrorists. And this is Israel -- the toughest democracy on the block. And yet Israel hasn't even gotten its kidnapped soldiers back from Hamas and Hezbollah, which provoked Israeli retaliation.

American, British, Canadian and NATO soldiers are even more restrained.

When the Americans had (or thought they had) insurgents in Iraq, mostly confined in Fallujah, a hotbed of enemy activity, rather than obliterate it (as they would have done in WWII) they gave a week's warning for civilians to depart before they attacked.


When the assault eventually went in, the bad guys were mostly gone -- dispersed to other areas to continue their slaughter of the innocent.

War cannot easily be waged peacefully. Restraints often mean prolonging the war and increasing its casualties.

Today, humane considerations are paramount. The symbol of peaceful protest is Mahatma Gandhi, the creator of passive resistance that anti-military activists like to cite as a way to thwart authority. Often overlooked, is that Gandhi's formula worked against the British. If he and his followers had lain down in front of Cossacks, the Wehrmacht or the Golden Horde of Genghis Khan, Gandhi would have become an asterisk of history rather than an icon.

A report out of Britain recalls that when American forces first went into Afghanistan, the first Taliban they caught were terrified --apparently convinced by their indoctrination that the American monsters would rip their livers out. Consequently, captives babbled like brooks and told all they knew.

Then they discovered that American soldiers feed you and generally abide by certain rules and ethics unknown to Taliban and al-Qaida.

Thereafter they shut up with no repercussions.

Remember the U.S. bombing of Baghdad prior to the 2003 invasion? Peace activists from the West pompously announced they'd be human shields around prospective targets.

Once the bombing started, these people fled -- outraged that the Americans could be so inhumane, even though none were targeted.


As for Israel, if its government is nuts enough to give warnings of attacks, then it deserves what happens. The next warning should be that if human shields remain, they will quickly become ex-human shields.

One attack should be sufficient to persuade Palestinian human shields to take cover.

It's idiotic to give warning of an attack. Hezbollah and Hamas don't warn intended targets of rocket attacks and suicide bombings.

America lost the Vietnam War because it refused to do what was necessary to win -- a political decision that cost unnecessary lives on both sides, and achieved nothing.

Is that the future of Iraq? It seems so.

I would like to think this is all a very long and elaborate ruse to lull the enemy into a sense of false security and superiority ultimately ending in the springing of the trap which will annihilate Islam once and for all. I would dearly love to believe that. But, I am not easily fooled, especially by me. At best, we are doing as Churchill said, muddling through. At worst, we have absolutely no idea what the hell is going on nor how to meet the danger.

Good lord, where is Grant? Where is any general that will fight? War is hell, said Sherman. Where are the Shermans of the 21st century? I'd even settle for an El Cid.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


Anonymous said...

A couple of hours of General Sherman would do wonders for our military position...and I'm from south of the Mason Dixon.

dcat said...

I'll do it!!! ^..^

%@#! the human shild shit!

mudkitty said...

Yeah, eJefeM - that's brilliant...let's go backwards over 100 years!

mudkitty said...

You want to anihilate an entire religion? Know wonder they hate us - it's because they fear us, evidently for good reason.

Any excuse for you holy wars...