Thursday, November 23, 2006

Exploding Grannys for Peace

Fatma Omar An-Najar blew herself to pieces in the Jabalya area of north Gaza. The 57 year old mother of nine children and grandmother of almost 30 grandchildren attempted to murder Israeli soldiers today; three soldiers were slightly injured.

The terror granny made a martyr video tape for Hamas before her attack. On the video, Granny Fatma was dressed in a chic black suicide belt accessorized with an M-16 assault rifle necklace. Granny Fatma said on the tape she wanted to dedicate her death to Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails and to Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas and

I offer myself as a sacrifice to God and to the homeland.
Israeli soldiers ordered the terrorist to stop, but the attacking granny kept coming on. Judging they had no more time, the soldier threw a grenade apparently setting off the boom belt.

Terrorist Granny Fatma's son, Fuad, 31, was ecstatic about dear old Mum's achievement, telling Reuters

I am very proud of what she did. Allahu Akbar (God is greatest).
Former Prime Minister of Isarel, Golda Meir, said Middle East conflict would end when "Palestinian mothers loved their children more than they hate Israelis." One may think Granny Fatma did not add to the possibilty of peace in the Middle East. But, just remember the pride Fuad and the family has for what Mum did. It is so good to see such a close-knit supportive family. Or they really didn't like the old broad.

One thing Granny Fatma has done, however, has been to put an end to the arguments against searching Grandmothers at airports. Thanks, Granny. I feel so much safer now.

Photo coutesy of:
Baleboosteh (really good blog from Australia)

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don said...

This almost makes me ashamed of my Grandma. To think of all the time she wasted baking cookies.

mudkitty said...

I've always been suspicious of little old ladies...drug smugglers! Evey last one of them.

dcat said...

LOL Don! Never trust an old lady. Ok you can check grama at the airports now!

Anonymous said...

I am confused. Why didn't you tell why she became a suicide bomber????? It was widely reported. I am not going to feed it to you. For once in your life you should have enough integrity to do some honest research and actually report on an issue fairly.

Indigo Red said...

Yes, you are confused. I am not a reporter; I am a blogger and this is where I write my opinions and other stuff. You want news, go to the media.

dcat said...

That's telling em Indigo!

It probably is the media.

Here let me make some typos and misspelling and see... ;)

mudkitty said...

I'm telling you as an old lady my self, why you ever trusted old ladys in the first place, I'll never know!

Baleboosteh said...

Good post, they are nuts!

Thanks for the link :D