Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Education: US Military v. John Kerry

34 Infantry Division, Minnesota National Guard

US Military:

99.9% -- enlisted forces have at least a high school education
73.3% -- some college
16.2% -- associate’s degree or equivalent semester hours
4.7% -- bachelor’s degree
85% plus -- field grade officers have advanced degrees
70.7% -- master’s degrees
12.1% -- professional degrees
2.5% -- doctorate degrees

John F. Kerry:
Boston Globe June 7, 2005

Yale's grading system in effect at the time:
90 and 100 equaled an A,
80-89 a B
70-79 a C
60 to 69 a D
below that was a failing grade.

Freshman-year average was 71.
61 in geology
63 and 68 in two history classes
69 in political science
79, high score in another political science course
77 French class.

Four D's in his freshman year, 10 courses
one D in his sophomore year
89 - political science, senior year, highest four year single grade.
81 average in his senior year
did not fail any courses

76 cumulative score, four years at Yale - C student

Kerry said, "I always told my Dad that D stood for distinction."
(Notes: Dad apparently stupid. Example of Kerry rationalization - Psych 101 word for lying. --Indi)

He spent a lot of time learning to fly instead of focusing on his studies.

Gaddis Smith, a retired Yale history professor recalls teaching Kerry during the 1964-1965 school year. Kerry scored a 71 and 79 in two of Smith's courses. When Smith was told those scores, he responded: "Uh, oh. I thought he was good student. Those aren't very good grades."

Victor Davis Hanson writes in NRO The Corner:

How could John Kerry, born into privilege, and then marrying and divorcing and marrying out of and back into greater inherited wealth, lecture anyone at a city college about the ingredients for success in America? If he were to give personal advice about making it, it would have to be to marry rich women. Nothing he has accomplished as a senator or candidate reveals either much natural intelligence or singular education.

For comparative purposes only -

Indigo Red:
Scoring system in effect
4 - A
3 - B
2 - C
1 - D
O - F

3.85 - B five year college and university grade point average

D - lowest score in five years, English, freshman year
A - two semesters, Political Science, freshman year
A's, B's, and one C in all courses thereafter for four years
Worked during off-school hours and summers
Dean's Honor Roll every semester, but first semester freshman
Invited by University President to study abroad in Florence, Italy (accounts for fifth year and recieved teaching credential as result.)

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.

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atheling2 said...

He's a golddigger.

Here is a person who possesses the trappings of status and power, yet deserves none of them.

At least Bill Clinton has a veneer of charm - Kerry has none.

It sure says something about the state of Massachusetts, doesn't it?