Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Democrats Win, What Now (going to Disneyland is not an option)

Some things in the world will always remain the same and the controlling principles cannot be changed. Two of those controlling principles are in play this morning:

1) in any race, there must be a winner and loser;
2) the blog headline of the election day blog posting cannot remain.

The Democrats have won. At least partially. As is the wont of politicians everywhere, the results of the election are already being described as a mandate, but that is as wrong today as it was two years ago when the President called his victory a mandate. Something went terribly wrong in the minds and egos of those who won two years ago, and the same is happening immediately now with the Democrats. Nancy Pelosi has already been declared the new Speaker of the House. She must first win election to that post from the House Majority party. She says, Americans have voted for Democrats to take the country in a new direction and "that is waht we intend to do." Her direction and the direction the people want are two very different direction.

I have read my favored blogs this morning and find doom and gloom or nothing at all. Middlebrow has this posting this morning and it points in the direction I see.

Cheerful Persuasion

Losing is no fun, but it points the way forward for traditional Christians who are also Republicans. First, there is no sense attacking the voters for their choice. In some cases the Republican candidate was tainted (Burns) or not really Republican (Chafee), but that is not enough to explain our losses. Good people lost, especially Santorum and Allen. They lost in part because the message of traditionalists is not being argued in a persuasive way.

For too long Republicans have relied on simple slogans to get their ideas across. When was the last time you watched a Republican debate knowing you would hear an articulate defense of the conservative world view? Republicans need to look for leaders with a vision for justice and a culture of life, winning the War with new ideas, and the ability to explain those ideas to the public. Just as the much more serious Goldwater defeat got conservatives back to the basics of educating the public, this defeat which is far less serious, should put traditionalists back in the business of persuasion.
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