Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Today Lebanon, Tomorrow the World

Not since 1945 have German troops operated outside the borders of Germany. In a radical shift in German military doctrine since World War II, the Bundeswehr will be transformed into a force of international intervention, writes the Financial Times.

The change of mission is to be announced Wednesday (today) in a special cabinet meeting in the Defense Ministry after a review ordered by Chancellor Angela Merkel. Germany, in a surprise move, will abandon its primary postwar border defense mission favoring a more dynamic forward posture for German troops in international missions.

The military’s most sensitive international deployment since the second world war came this month when the German navy took control of patrolling Lebanese waters to stop weapons smugglers. The military has taken part in other international missions in Afghanistan and Kosovo, for example, but has largely avoided direct involvement in war zones.

The 133-page strategy paper argues that the capacity of the Bundeswehr must be expanded to allow for the deployment of a total of 14,000 troops to five international missions simultaneously.

This will be achieved by drawing troops previously deployed on national defence into units involved in staffing or supporting overseas missions.

The Bundeswehr has about 250,000 military personnel, including about 50,000 conscripts. About 9,000 troops are currently overseas in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Congo and elsewhere.

The paper confirms conscription will be retained.

Henning Riecke, European security specialist at Berlin’s DGAP foreign policy institute, said the paper will “give German policymakers a way of handing increasing international pressure to join overseas missions”.
This is a major developement not just in German military tasking, but also in European understanding of the dangers facing the world of the 21st Century and their responsibilities in this new world. Much of the troubles faced today are the result of European empire building over several centuries.

For more than 50 years, Germany has lived with the guilt of WWII and the Holocaust. Europeans share a lack of trust in themselves to know when the killing should stop. From one war to the next, European wars have killed increasing numbers of people. The peace following many of those wars have been dealier than the war itself.

Today's announcement is a giant leap in the maturation of a new generation of Germans and Europeans born in freedom under the threat of nuclear obliteration. Germany knows the guilt of war; now is their time to know the pride of giving the gift of peace and freedom.

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atheling2 said...

Well I hope so. But I'm not holding my breath. Merkel is a step up from the German leadership of yesterday, but they've a long way to go if they want to defend peace and freedom.

The Germans (as well as the rest of Europe) need to start cleaning house. Stop Muslim immigration and start having babies or they will lose their own culture and identity.

I've had hopes for Germany since the election of Pope Benedict XVI. I hope that he will muster German culture and identity to fight off encroaching Islam, but Germany needs to return to her roots as a European Christian nation if she want to survive.

Don said...

I too am a little nervous a2. I'm not quite old enough to remember WWII but I remember all the grownups discussing it and I don't think the German military can be trusted not to become too agressive.

mudkitty said...

They said that when the wall came down, that a united German military can't be trusted not to become to aggressive.

atheling2 said...


I don't have a problem with the German military. I think Germany learned its lessons. If anything, they would be too soft for fear of appearing too aggressive. Remember Clockwork Orange?

Indigo Red said...

That was the concern of Germany when they undertook the Lebanon naval blockade mission - appearing too aggressive toward Israel, i.e., Jews.

I do believe Germany has learned from the past, their past in particular, that no one need fear a "too aggressive Germany". The current flap over German troops and the skull photos in Afghanistan is just an example of what young men do. The press is playing it up as an example of continuing German insensitivty to humanity, but the German gov't has taken quick steps to discipline the troops. To me, this shows a hyper-sensitivity to humanity. I believe Germany will do quite well on the 21st Century world stage.

mudkitty said...

Agree with Athling2.

Mike's America said...

Will the Germans be stopping arms smuggling or merely providing cover against Israeli attack?

The Hezzies and the Nazis have some history as shown in this photo:


Gayle said...

I think it's too early to tell. Mike is right about the Nazis and the Hezzies having some history, and that's one reason I don't really know what to think. I would like to think they can be trusted (that's the optimist in me) but I'm also a realist and so I sometimes get confused. Do you have any idea how hard it is to be a realistic optimist?

Thanks for your visit to MRB, Indigo Red. Because you did, I have discovered another great blog. :)

mudkitty said...

Mike, do you have an answer to your own question? Was your question really a statement?

panzer commander said...

Thank you so much for the kind comment you put on my blog. However, those were just notes taken off a panel that I had no part in. But thanks anyway!!!

City Troll said...

It'll be interesting to watch when they start goosestepping accross the ME will they be on the side of the facists or the capitalists???????

The German record is 0-2 maybe they'll pick the right side this time LOL

Indigo Red said...

Oh, I think the goosesteppers have their ducks in a row this time.