Monday, October 09, 2006

The Phone Call

I have a niece with a boyfriend. He is away and she misses him very much. She expected a call from him last Saturday, but he didn't call. My niece was really bummed.

He finally called today, Monday. He explained he didn't call on Saturday because he was in a battle and, well, was a little busy to place a call to her. While he was explaining the lapse, alarms began sounding. He thought it was more training, just a drill. Then the explosions began. She was hearing the Iraq war loud and clear in living color on his doorstep. While he was saying, "don't worry, love you", he was grabbing his gear to defend against the barbarians literally at the gate.

He is stationed 25 miles from Baghdad tasked with the personal defense of a General. This is his second tour. The first with the National Guard and this one with regular Army. I've not met him, but he's a good man. I know because my niece says so.

Personal e-mail from my sister, Indigo Rose.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


The Flomblog said...

These young people prove that the Republic will be in good hands when we go. Perhaps - better than ours? I am conmfident that it will be

Mike's America said...

I wish I shared your optimisim flomblog.

But for every righteous, upstanding patriotic defender of freedom there are at least ten no-good layabout parasites who could care less if we get defeated in war.

Until the battle to defeat that ignorance and indifference is won, we cannot be safe.

The Flomblog said...

Mike, I am optimistic.

I teach in a Business school at a local State commutter College. I meet students from all walks of life. As a whole - they are good kids.

I also meet many GI's. They amaze me. I think it;s the old story about a few people getting all the press.

Unfortunately these kids do not have the educational background that they need, but hey, that's my job. As to decency and common sense - I have no real fear for our republic

But lets not ever stop fighting

dcat said...

Yes he is a good man!

Thank you for this story Indigo! May he be looked after and safe from harm.