Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Phone Call - The Battle Won

The boyfriend of my niece phoned home after the battle last week. He left her with the strained sounds battle and a clipped "love you." The camp was under attack - gunfire, explosions, shouted orders, bad guys yelling "al'Lahu akbar!" All the sounds of desperate, close quarters battle; everything, but the sounds of silence. The enemy was at the gates. And the US Army was there to greet them.

When the bad guys broke through the gates, the boyfriend was getting ready for bed. Wearing his PT gear - white knee high socks, shorts, and Army t-shirt. He grabbed his kevlar and weapon and ran to battle. Many guys were in their undershorts having just been in the shower. One guy had shaving cream dripping off his face.

The bad guys were beaten back in short order. They may have thought the GIs would pause to don their battle togs. Americans don't do that. We will fight in our Sunday best; we will fight in our weekend duds; we will fight in our battle gear; we will fight in our underwear. We shall never give up; we shall never surrender.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


atheling2 said...

OMG. What a call for your niece.

Hooray for our boys!

The Flomblog said...

Thank you!

SIMPLY THANK YOU, to you, your niece and that magnificant young man and his compatriots

Louise said...

I love the little play on Churchill's words.

Indigo Red said...

Thank you, Louise. I love the aliteration of Churchill.

Thank you, Flomblog and A2.

My niece has read the two posts and appreciates very much the kind words.