Wednesday, October 18, 2006

O.J. Simpson Confesses to Double Murder - Sort of

Not a source with an impeccable reputation, but when the story is O.J. Simpson the National Enquirer has an uncanny history of accuracy. In an article published October 18, National Enquirer says Simpson confesses to brutally slaying his former wife, Nicole, and her friend Ron Goldman, late on the night of June 12, 1994.

In a book deal, Simpson is being paid $3.5 million, to descibe in grisly detail the horrific knife attack that nearly decapited Nicole and inflicted numerous stab wounds upon Ron. From the book with the working title “If I Did It”, due for release in a few weeks, an Enquirer source says Simpson
describes how he grabbed a knife from a man who accompanied him to Nicole’s home -- and moments later found himself covered in blood and looking down on the bodies of Nicole and Ron.

The source added that

O.J. prefaces these key pages by almost half-heartedly claiming this part of the book is hypothetical. But I don’t think anyone is going to be convinced of that.
Because of double jeopardy laws and the acquital on all criminal charges, O.J. Simpson will not face legal proceedings. However, the buddy who accompanied him to Nicole's home that night, from whom Simpson obtained the murder weapon, is not immune from prosecution. But, who is he?

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Tanning Lotion said...

This could be interesting. I always wondered if he did it.

atheling2 said...

LOL, "wondered if he did it"???

The friend may have been the fellow who was in the white Bronco with him when OJ was fleeing the cops... remember? I don't recall the man's name.

Mike's America said...

yeah... "wondered if he did it"....

Anyway, all kidding aside... Could OJ be this stupid or this crazy? maybe.

Indigo Red said...

Or could he be this smart. He can't be tried again. He is under court order to pay the Goldman family $30 Mi, but if the 3.5 mil goes to his children, the Goldman's get nothing, OJ remains free, and can be supportd by his kids.

Makes perfect sense to me.

Indigo Rose said...

How old are his children now? Seems to me if they are 18+, he is not financially responsible for them, the $3.5 mil. would be considered his income and the Goldmans would be able to file a claim on it.

Indigo Red said...

The law allows for distribution of earned income to anyone designated as a recipient. Gifts are another method law allows. In either case, OJ would be responsible for payment of taxes only.

For example, I could have my entire paycheck depoisited into my elderly parents bank account. I would pay the taxes, but the money is no longer mine. They would be free to gift it back, or provide me a living allowance. Or, I could give all of earnings each week to the Red Cross. Again I would be responsible for the taxes, but the money would no longer be mine.

There are many other ways allowed by law to bypass the Goldmans nad their lawsuit. AMERICA, what a country!

dcat said...

Yeah Liberals defend terrorists so why not criminals!

Oh btw was Ojay breast fed? If he did it! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!