Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Muslims Power Vacuum in Oz Really Sucks

Nature abhors a vacuum, and apparently, so do Wahabis. Last week Taj Din al-Hilali, Imam Raw Meat, the head Headcase of the Australian main mosque declared that women who don't wear the hijab are actually inviting rape as raw meat invites flies. In the last few days he was forced to resign. Now the power vacuum must be filled and the battle is on says The Australian.

EXTREMIST Wahhabi Muslims - followers of a strict fundamentalist interpretation of Islam - are moving to seize the opportunity of a power vacuum at the nation's most influential mosque created by the downfall of Taj Din al-Hilali.

This does not bode well for Oz. I'm betting the Aussies will respond with their typical outrage and maybe even kick out the Mohammadans.

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atheling2 said...

If the Aussies kicked them out it would make my day. Hell, my year for that matter.