Monday, October 09, 2006

Iraqi Police Poisoned

Eleven Iraqi policemen are dead after a poisoning attack of the chow hall at their barracks in Numaniyah. An estimated 600-700 policemen began bleeding from the ears and nose after taking iftar, the sundown meal that breaks the day's Ramadan fast.

"Hundreds of soldiers were poisoned after taking food and water in the iftar," Hamad al-Latif, Governor of Wasit, told AP. "Investigations are under way to determine the cause."

Food and water are being tested "to determine the substance in them." Further samples are being sent to Baghdad more testing. Saddam Hussein's forces had developed a particularly potent Mustard Gas called "khardal" in Arabic. The original formula developement was done by the Russians. The poison causes bleeding from the eye, ears, and nose within two minutes of exposure.

Soldiers collapsed suddenly as they stood up from the meal, while others stumbled and fell as they headed out the door to join in formation. The immediacy of the collapse of soldiers and severity of the symptoms suggests a terrorist attack utilizing a Weapon of Mass Destruction which, of course, do not exist in Iraq.

If this was a terror attack, and not some kind of natural food poisoning, it was most likely a test. If so, we can expect more such attacks. With the E. Coli poisonings in the U.S. going on right now with spinach and lettuce, one may wonder if the events are coincidence or something more.

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atheling2 said...

Terrible. Now I fear for our troops' safety - it's an awful way to die.

They say that poison is a woman's method... not surprised that terrorists stoop that low. They always do.

Mike H. said...

Any further info?