Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Internet Death

A year ago, Aug 2005, Bangladesh was rocked by a series of small bombs exploding across the poor Muslim nation . It was a puzzle as to how the 350 bombs were detonated - until now. Because you, dear reader, are reading this via the internet, this should make you feel ever so safe.

Explosions in Bangladesh Last Year Set Off Through Internet
By Willard Payne

TEHRAN - Debka reports that investigators and experts, based in Paris, have discovered that the 350 small bombs that exploded across Bangladesh on Aug. 17, 2005 were set off by 350 mobile phones that were all connected into a network based in Tripoli, Lebanon. The technology involved used Skype or MSN software and was programmed into a master computer based in Tripoli that was able to transmit the signals, which set off the bombs, through the internet. For years the news would mention that bombs set off by terrorists were triggered remotely by cell phones. [DEBKA]

Tehran has obviously made it more difficult to trace the actual agents used to plant the phones-bombs and the transmitting signal which set off the explosions came from hundreds of miles away. Nor was it mentioned how far in advance the bombs were placed. 36 districts across Bangladesh were hit simultaneously and with this infomation it seems it was done just to demonstrate the possibility. Again all the bombs were small. Only one person was killed and 115 wounded, no major damage. Government buildings and facilities were targeted, hotels in the capital Dhaka and 16 other towns across the country.

Bangladesh - Dhaka are obviously not one of Tehran's main objectives. Iran is in the process of preparing, if not already, a larger demonstration of the same computer-internet weapon, but this time using much larger explosives, against similar targets in any enemy capital - country. If recent terrorist attacks are any indication, like the ones in Mumbai two months ago, then transportation networks could be the next target, including airports. Any central computer, from anywhere in the world could be used and they are most likely to be found in Iran.

The investigation concluded that satellite phones may be used the same way, to trigger explosives remotely, receiving signals from satellites. It is quite possible that Iran's satellite launchings in October last year and January this year were done partly in preparation to use satellite phones for this purpose. One of the satellites Tehran admitted was for telecommunication.
Now anyone can execute a coordinated attack anywhere, anytime all by themselves. No al-Qaida needed. I feel much safer now. How 'bout you?

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atheling2 said...

Over here we have naval magazines which prohibit the use of wireless phones.

It is scary. We have to stop educating Muslims in technology. They have no ethics so that's a deadly combination.

Mike's America said...

Well we have our own way of using sattelites to coordinate bombings. It's called GPS. And if we need to, we can put a 2,000 bomb right down the air vent of Ahmadjihad's outhouse.

And I'm beginning to think we've waited long enough to do it.

dcat said...

Push that button now!