Sunday, October 01, 2006

Al Gore Fearmongers Another Global Warming Danger

Al Gore, former Vice President of the United States and former tobacco grower, inventor of the Internet and Global Warming , muse for the novel "Love Story", writer, and full time loon was at the United Nations. He was there to warn the hundreds of diplomats and staff about the newest peril of climate change. Gore said, cigarette smoking is a "significant contributor to global warming!" The world is facing a "full-scale climate emergency that threatens the future of civilization on earth."

The Uberweatherman was introduced by Secratary-General Koffi Annan, and then got into his PowerPoint presentation with computer generated pictures of the ocean's waters rushing in submerging San Francisco, New York City, parts of China, India, and other ickey parts of the world that need a good cleansing bath of sea water if the Antarctic and Greenland ice shelves slip into the sea and melt. Despite all the death, destruction, and property laid waste Gore said,"The planet itself will do nicely, thank you very much. What is at risk is human civilization."

This was the cue for Gore's staff crack open the stack of cardboard boxes to sell his new book, An Inconvenient Truth, The Planetary Emergency of Global Warming and What We Can Do About It, at $19.95 a pop to the UN dignitaries ($13.17 at Amazon.)

All this because of cigarette smoking. What about cigars? Or pipe smoking? Does pipe smoking add to global warming or just cigarette smoking. How about marjuana smoking? Those doobies can really put out some clouds, ya know!

Remember a few years back, when methane gas production by cows was a major cause of global warming? Whatever happened with that? Now that the Guru of Global Climate Change has hit on cigareete smoking, can human farting far behind?

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dcat said...


I love the picture...hehehehehehe

atheling2 said...

Hehehe, I like the idea of all those pompous UN officials being a captive audience to algore's boring pontifications. Wonder how many rushed out to have a smoke after it was all over?

Tom C said...

Hmmmm.... He can still scratch his ass! Well at least his nose which is a pimple on said ass!

don said...

Isn't it scary to think how close this nut case came to the white house?