Wednesday, September 13, 2006

September 13

This is all that was destroyed - a tiny speck on the tip of an island called Manhattan on the far eastern edge of the United States of America. Tragically, almost 3000 people died here and thousands more were injured, but the collapse of America did not happen. Hell, the lights didn't even go out.

Oh, sure, the Stock Market was disrupted and financial institutions lost records. Forty days and forty nights later, the stock market averages had returned to pre-attack levels. Within two years the American economy had surpassed the pre-attack marks. This week, five years after the attacks of 9/11/2001, the 50 States of the Union are reporting an average 25% budget surplus. Unemployment is still at ridiculously low levels; in some counties, there are more jobs available than there are workers to fill them.

Do you see that bright spot in the upper right in the photo below? That is New York City. That's where Manhattan is located. That's where the Twin Towers stood and will stand again. Do you see that bright spot at the lower left? That is Los Angeles/Ventura/Orange/San Diego Counties in California. That's where I live. From my home, I would travel 2,906 mi (about 2 days 2 hours) in order to visit with Pamela of Atlas Shrugs in New York City. Look for the bright spot in the upper left; that's Seattle. I would have to travel 1,145 mi (about 19 hours 51 mins) to see dcat of Razor Sharp Claws.

This is a HUGE country. It is so large that most of us living here cannot comprehend the size of this single united nation of 50 States. An attack on a small speck of land simply is not going to bring down America. What you see here is only 48 of those States; two States have no physical connection to the rest of the country, yet we are still and will remain e plurabus unum.

We have been attacked - four times in one day; we have been through two massively destructive hurricanes and numerous tornadoes; we have responded with money and aid to rescue the Muslim peoples stricken by the Indian Ocean Tsunami; we have toppled two terrorist governments and are rebuilding those countries; it is with American dollars that Hizb'allah is rebuilding Lebanon; in the midst of the wars we held a bitterly divisive Presidential election, and America is still here, America is still strong.

In one fell swoop, Osama bin Laden tried to bring down America. Yet, it is America that stands in the bright light of day unafraid to walk the streets of the world's capitals and great cities. It is America that launches rockets into space to build a space station for the betterment of mankind while al-Qaida launches rockets into markets to destroy the lives of the innocent. It is Laden who is hiding for five years in fear for his life.

We will get you, Osama. You know that don't you, Osama? We will get you.

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Indigo Rose said...

There is a dark spot between L.A. and Seattle. It's not uninhabitated - it is rural.
Our population doesn't amount to much out here in the high desert of California. But here they are putting together mobile showers and kitchens to be sent to our troops all over the world. Many in our neck of the woods have sent our loved ones off with tears and prayers for their safe return and for a brighter future. We believe in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.