Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11

9:53 a.m.: NSA Intercepts al-Qaeda Phone Call Predicting Fourth Attack

**The National Security Agency (NSA) reportedly intercepts a phone call from one of bin Laden’s operatives in Afghanistan to a phone number in the Republic of Georgia. The caller says he has “heard good news” and that another target is still to come (presumably, the target Flight 93 is intended to hit). [
CBS News, 9/4/2002]

**The caller is also supposed to say that the attackers are following through on “the doctor’s program.” This is said to be a reference to al-Qaeda’s number two leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, who has a doctorate in medicine. [
New Yorker, 9/9/2002]

**Since the 9/11 crisis began, NSA translators have been told to focus on Middle Eastern intercepts and translate them as they are received instead of oldest first, as is the usual practice. This call is translated in the next hour or two, and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld hears about it just after noon. [
CBS News, 9/4/2002; Bamford, 2004, pp. 54]

(After 10:06 a.m.): Al-Qaeda Agents Heard Saying we’ve Hit the Targets

**According to Newsweek, shortly after the suicide attacks,” US intelligence picks up communications among bin Laden associates relaying the message: we’ve hit the targets.” [Newsweek, Michael Hirsh, 9/13/2001]

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dcat said...

Nice Indigo!

We will not forget! Keep on rubbing noses in it till it bleeds off their faces!

Great job here!

Mike H. said...

May they rot in hell. It's what they want and what they've asked for. Hopefully those 72 women are some of those that they've maltreated.

Don said...

72 virgins, each packing a sharp little pair of scissors.