Thursday, August 03, 2006

Meme - The Power of Three

I was tagged by Bernie at Planck's Constant with The Power of Three:

1. --things that scare me:
a) Memes.
b) Fools in office.
c) Scary movies.

2. --people who make me laugh:
a) Dennis, my friend.
b) funny people.
c) Me.

3. --things I hate the most:
a) Fools.
b) The stupid.
c) The incredibly stupid.

4. --things I don't understand:
a) The inability of some folks to eat particular colors of M&M - they're all SUGAR COATED CHOCOLATE, PEOPLE!
b) How do rented DVD's know what size my TV screen is?
c) My cat eats 8 ounces and two pounds comes out.

5. --things I'm doing right now:
a) Typing this line.
b) No, wait! Typing this line.
c) watching Big Brother Allstars.

6. --things I want to do before I die:
a) Lose 30 pounds, I'm in no hurry.
b) Understand the things in #4.
c) Visit a free and democratic Middle East.

7. --things I can do:
a) Convert oxygen to carbon dioxide.
b) Close one eye without squinting the other.
c) Cook a complete Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixins all by myself.

8. --ways to describe my personality:
a) Aloof - I just like the word.
b) Stubborn.
c) Funny.

9. --things I can't do:
a) Moonwalk.
b) Suffer fools.
c) Believe stuff just because everyone else does.

10. --things I think you should listen to:
a) Babies when they smile.
b) The funny noise coming from under the hood.
c) Silence.

11. --things you should never listen to:
a) Rap.
b) Fools.
c) Politicians with secret plans.

12. --absolute favorite foods
a) Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, peas.
b) Fried, inch thick hamburger patty and fried egg over-easy.
c) Just give me that old time Rocky Road, the kind of ice cream just soothes my soul, I reminisce about the days of old, with that old time Rocky Road.

13. --things I'd like to learn:
a. How sausages and laws are made.
b. The location of all the Dark Matter (if it even exists.)
c. Why Jimmy Carter and Al Gore won't go away.

14. --beverages I drink regularly:
a. Water.
b. Nestles hot chocolate with Nestles Hazelnut Instant Coffee - one tblsp Hazelnut coffee add just enough chilled water to dissolve the coffee; add packet of instant chocolate. Blend together until smooth. Add HOT water, let stand until foam covers the surface. Mmmm...enjoy.
c. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

15. --shows I watched as a kid:
a. Wagon Train.
b. Have Gun, Will Travel.
c. Get Smart.

16. --people I'm tagging
a. Tom of Tom' Rants.
b. City Troll of The City Troll.
c. Howard of The Flomblog.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


don said...

My friend, you have to be one of the wittiest people in the entire blogosphere.

Louise said...

And possibly one of the oldest. (Hey, you remember Paladin, don't you?)

City Troll said...

Gee thanks for the taq indigo... I'll have to get to this tonight.

El Jefe Maximo said...

You are sure right about listening to noises under the hood, not to mention Rocky Road (although I'm partial to cookies and cream myself).

Indigo Red said...

I think Palidin was in reun syndication when I was watching. The program originally aired Saturday nights at 9:30PM, but I was watching during the early afternoons along with the other great Western serials - Wanted: Dead or Alive, Bat Masterson, Cheyenne, Wyatt Earp.

Cookies & Cream ice cream is real close after Rocky Road.

Mike's America said...

Whew! Dodged a bullet there... Thankd you for NOT tagging me...

Indigo Red said...

I thought about you, Mike, but I figured that after the cartoon I'd be seriously jeopardizing my life.

Mike's America said...

Hmm... I almost forgot about the cartoon... I still have to get you for that :)

But seriously, I HATE TAGGING!

Indigo Red said...

And with that, Mike, you know all the tags are coming your way now!

skye said...


samwich said...

I remember Palladin from when I was a dishwasher in a restaraunt.
Palladin would come in for dinner and came back to the kitchen to schmooze and let the chef know he was there so the chef could do Palladin's specialty ala carte order. He would always tip both us kitchen boys a buck. (gas was 28c then).

samwich said...

13c. Evolution is a false and unprovable theory. Liberals were stupid 50 years ago.
Liberals are still stupid.
Hi Jimmy, Hi Al, where can I get a couple of ounces of what you're smoking?