Tuesday, August 01, 2006

IDF Soldier's Bodies Desecrated

This War of Israeli Survival did not start with the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers. It started with the murder of eight Israeli soldiers and the kidnapping of two others. The whereabouts of the kidnapped is known only to Hizb'allah. The next day an Israeli tank went to recover the bodies of the eight murdered IDF soldiers. The tank hit an anti-tank mine destroying rhe tank and killing all four crewmen. What has happened to those bodies is typical of the enemy and horrid to Western standards of decency.

Yoni of Yoni the Blogger tells us

Israel was not able to rescue all bodies of the crew, due to heavy fighting and the bodies being trapped in the ruble of the tank.

After Israel was forced out of the area, Hizballah surrounded the tank. Hizballah terrorist then cut off parts from the bodies i.e. arms, legs, heads to hold these body parts to exert pressure on Israel in addition to holding the two soldiers.
Never make the mistake of thinking the enemy faced today are anything above savages. The law and the decency within us forces humane treatment from our civilization, but do not for a moment think any infidel will get decent treatment, dead or alive, from the Islamic foe.

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Tom C said...

The hard part is going to be killing the enemy without becoming him. By the way, nice link below.

Mike's America said...

Well Tom... we don't need to mutilate their bodies after they are vaporized by a nuclear weapon.

There is no outrage or atrocity that is too terrible for this enemy.

They are commanded by Allah to kill, lie, cheat, steal and desecrate anything belonging to the infidel.

It's as the Churchill audio on my opening page suggests: It's victory for us or death.

don said...

Cuddly little bastards aren't they?