Sunday, August 20, 2006

France Concedes Defeat in Lebanon Without Leaving Home

President Jacques Chirac of France replied to a reporters question as to what the French strategy will be as the leader of the new U.N. military force in Lebanon by waving a white flag. France had promised several thousand combat troops and has now pared the number down to 200 engineers. The Democrat Left in America greeted the Chirac strategy with praise for the pro-active forward nature of the French approach because it is being initiated even before the mission has begun.

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atheling2 said...

Hehe, from several hundred combat troops to 200 engineers...

I didn't think that France had that many combat troops!

BTW, is that photo doctored??? *G*

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Don't forget that France has always allied with Iran and the Khomenie was exiled in France and France assisted in his rise to power in 1979. It is obvious that they have no intention of making this work since it would be in direct conflict with their ally Iran.

devildog6771 said...

France has her head so far up her "a##" she can't see the light of day. But, you can bet "your" and "my" sweet a## she will be the first to "cry" for help when her allies" start to take over France. This is not a stretch of the imagination as France is loaded with Islamists. Just yesterday an explosion went off in France.

If France would bring some of her "peace keeper" troops back from thjose former empire nations in Africa that she is "protecting" she could aford to do some real good. She is too busy raping the the nations that she should have long ago let go! For France to be a "peace keeper" in a former colony is a conflioct of interest and implies world acceptance of Frances "hold" on those nations! Of course this is all my opinion!

Indigo Red said...

France, after The Sun KIng, has had a Napoleanic Complex. They were very fortunate that a short guy named Napolean came along to fill the position of inadequacy.

If it had not been for the French Empire, the VietNam War would not have occurred, Iran would not have such problems, Iraq would not even exist, although Iraq really is more a problem of the British Empire. Had France not stepped in to take advantage of the vaccuum propping up bad governments after bad governments, we wouldn't be there today.