Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The War Must Go On and On; The War Must Expand

Ali, the writer of the blog A Free Iraqi posts:

As horrible as it may seem I do wish the war between Israel and Hezbollah goes on and on, that it spreads to involve Iran and Syria. I feel terrible for the losses among the innocents, Lebanese and Israeli, but I think that this is the only way for them, and us to finally have some peace.

…I say let it rage and rage until it burns all dictators and terrorists in the region. Just like I wished for war in my country I wish it for the Lebanese, Syrians and Iranians. God be with them and get the good souls out of it safe. This war is just another battle in the war on terror and we won't see peace in Iraq, we won't see democracy anywhere in the ME until this war is fought the right way, with full determination.

We have all read and heard arguments like this:

…I just don't like the fact that it is costing my country billions of dollars and over 1,500 lives for you to get your freedom. Because it has nothing to do with your freedom, it has to do with oil, if you really think the government of the United States gives a big far rats ass about you and your freedom, you're sadly mistaken. It’s the oil sweety, that's what it is about. And the second they figure out we won't be getting any of your oil the U.S. will be out of there.
Of course, this war is about oil! And power, and freedom, and democracy, and revenge, and peace, and a hundred other things.

This war is about life - how we will live our lives, how we worship, how we will earn a living, how we will get to our jobs, how we will produce the things that make living in the 21st century possible, how we will produce all the foodstuffs needed to feed the planets growing population, how we will care for and cure the sick. All of this, all of it and more, depends on OIL.

While there are people in the world who wish to use oil money to fund terror and terrorist organizations versus the people who wish to use oil money to produce the goods that are used even by the terrorists in their vain attempt to bring us to the 7th century, there will be war.

While there are people in the world who insist their philosophies are better without demonstrable proof over the philosophies of others whose proofs are readily apparent, there will be war.

While there are people who are determined to obtain by arms and conquest what others have obtained through ingenuity and hard work, there will be war.

It does not matter one whit who occupied the White House twenty years ago, who occupies the White House today, or who occupies the White House twenty years from today, this war was going to be fought, it is being fought, and it will be fought to its bloody conclusion.

How we fight this war and what it's conclusion will be is totally within our grasp. Do we stand with those people who would light the candle of liberty in the darkened room, or do we stand with those who would blow out the flame of freedom, destroying the room and its inhabitants completely?

The choice is ours; the future awaits our decision.

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Mike H. said...

War has never solved anything that wasn't broke to start with. One could view it as a rough way to repair a rough problem.

don said...

Pretty eloquent there Indi. Ali was saying exactly what I have been thinking. We are going to have to go in and root the nukes out of Iran sooner or later anyhow, so we might as well get the whole mess over with now.

dcat said...

Ain't that the truth!

The Flomblog said...

I hate war with a paaion that only someone who has seen a war can muster. That being said, Indi is completely corect. Terrorism is a cance that must be cut out if we ever want to live in peace.

Well Said!

Tom said...

Excellent, thought-provoking post, Indigo.

13 Fox said...

I think it's more than safe to say this war has nothing to do with oil. If it did, it would be obvious. We wouldn't be paying $3.00 at the pump.

Indigo Red said...

Welcome, 13 Fox. That's exactly what I was saying tongue in cheek. The oil arguement has been going on so long that at some point someboby has to say to the liberals, "okay, you're right, you have convinced me with all your rants - it's oil!" Then we can get on with the situation in front of us.