Saturday, July 22, 2006

Occupation: What does it mean?

Our Western understanding of "occupation" when Muslims use the word is leading us astray.

We see occupation as marching into an area, putting troops there to hold the ground, maybe add some civilian settlements and doing a little shopping. In essence, an act of taking and holding. We also assume that when the troops and civilians leave, the land returned to the previous or rightful owners, the occupation has ended. We are friends again.

However, that is not how the Muslim world sees it. The god, Allah, created the earth and revealed Islam to Mo'profit. Mo has the god actually giving the world, the planet in toto, to the ummah (worldwide Muslim community.) It is not simply that Muslims live 'here' and infidels live 'there' and we are one big happy family of man living in our own distinct sovereign lands never to be violated by neighbors.

Generally, the West can live with that, but Islam claims the whole earth as their own choice real estate gifted to them by the god. In that respect, all those places in which the infidel lives must be subdued and the lands returned to the rightful owner, Islam. Until those non-Muslim lands are returned, by conversion or sword, those lands are considered to be "occupied".

Unless the Lands of War (non-Muslim) are returned the Lands of Peace (Muslim), war will ensue along with the plaintiffs cry of "oppression" because Muslims are being stymied (oppressed) by the West in their quest to free the occupied lands. All of Earth is to be in the hands of loyal and devout Muslims for the wars to end and all people must submit to the god and his messenger-boy, Mo'profit.

Note: The foregoing post was originally a comment submitted at Neo-Neocon for her post entitled Hezbollah and the "occupation" argument. Sometimes my comments are better than what I write here on my own blog, so I thought I'd borrow back my own words. Is that considered a blogging faux pas? I hope not, but if so, my apologies to Neo-Neocon.

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Tom C said...

A muslim world..... they would starve to death. Don't see much peace in Darfur, or Somalia. Peace my butt! (walks away muttering)

Mike's America said...

Greetings from Infidel occupied Hilton Head Island!

I presume your vote pushed me up to the top of the heap again at Real Clear politics:

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Happy to cast my vote for your recent submission as well:

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And I wouldn't apologize for using a comment left at another site as a post. Some of our best stuff comes from rants left in response to another's post.

Mike's America said...

Indigo: I'll let you know if my top spot "amidst the slurry" results in fame and fortune:

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Mike's America said...

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Always On Watch said...

The Islamic definition of "occupation" reminds me of some other differing definitions in Islam. One of those is "innocent." By Islamic definition, no infidel is innocent. Also, the Islamic definition of "peace" really means that all the world is Dar al-Islam.

Too many in the West just don't understand the differing definitions.

Great post!

Tom said...

Rich AND famous? Would you settle for just famous?

Good post, by the way!

Indigo Red said...

That's what I'm looking for, AW.

If this war is to end in victory for the West, or at least a draw, we must understand what Islam means when they speak OUR words. They don't have to understand our meanings to defeat us, we need to understand theirs.

Occupation, peace, war, innocent, and so many other words we need to define. An Islam to English Dictionary is what we need.

Tom, I would settle for the just rich, but thanks for asking.

don said...

Indi you are already famous as one my very favorite bloggers.