Friday, July 28, 2006

Muslim Attacks Jews in Seattle

A 31 year old Muslim attacked the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle in Washington state today at 4:00 PM. Shouting, "I'm a Muslim American; I'm angry at Israel," he began firing his weapon at Jews preparing for Shabat Shalom before attending synagogue, reports KING5, the local NBC affilate television station.

A spokesperson at Harborview Medical Center said the five shooting victims were in satisfactory condition. Three had been arrived in critical condition, and a 43 year old had reportedly been shot in the abdomen. The ages of the victims - 23, 27, 29, 19 - were given, but their names are still unknown. One of the women, 17 weeks pregnant, had been shot in the arm. The Associated Press has reported one person dead, but confimation has not been released.

Only days ago, Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama bin Laden's #2, promised in the latest al-Qaida taped message that attacks on Americans in America would begin soon. Is this the beginning of the attacks or just a random act of Muslin normal behavior? How many Hizb'allah US citizens were returned to America after the recent Lebanon "Dunkirk"?

It will be difficult to know if there are organised attacks as Islam has no formal hierarchy. The subsequent terror organs as they've developed after 9/11 are likewise without a formal chain of command. It's a very much do-it-yourself franchise. All one need do is attack and claim terrorist affiliation. The American ummah will not point out the bad guys in their communities, because of agreement with the terror aims or fear of the terrorists. Either, it is not a community that can be expected to help law enforcement ferret out the vermin.


One of the five women shot by the MUSLIM was killed in the attack.

"There's nothing to indicate that it's terrorism related," said David Gomez, head of the FBI counter-terrorism unit in Seattle.

I do hope the FBI's judgement is official rhetoric and not the conclusion of idiots...OF COURSE IT WAS TERRORISM RELATED!

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Mike's America said...

The lamestream media has spent much of the past two weeks bleating about a "disproportionate response" by Israel to the attacks by Hezbollah.

So it's no wonder some Islamo fanatic would attempt to even the score.

As a "proportional response" should be now expect a Jew to go down to the Seattle Mosque and open fire?

We either start calling evil by it's name and put a stop to it in Lebanon or we will have more such incidents.

MonicaR said...

We need to carry our guns with us. (legally with a permit of course - don't know how Seattle is for that type of thing. I'm thinking not too supportive..) If a law-abiding citizen had been armed in this situation - the possibility that the mohammedan could have been taken out immediately would have been there.

don said...

If that is not an act of terrorism, what the HELL was it? I am about to have an aneurism.

Gayle said...

I saw your comment over at Old Soldier's, who posted on the same subject, and was impressed. I decided you are someone I would like to know.

This is truly an act of terrorism and the MSM should be broadcasting it from the rooftops! Dang, I'm so extremely frustrated; mad; no; utterly pissed off, not only at the muslim who did this but at the MSM for being so silent. Aren't they supposed to be in the business of broadcasting the news? You know it has probably been broadcast locally, and I would like to think that the national news hasn't picked up on it yet, but I just don't believe that. They are ignoring it!

You probably think I'm a raving maniac. I assure you, I'm usually pretty calm, but right now I need a drink!

Blessings to you. Keep up the good work. By the way, Old Soldier is a partner of mine on my blog.

Gayle said...

Update: My husband just heard about this on Fox News, so Fox - at least - is covering it. They have his bail set at $50,000,000. They are calling it a "hate crime" and they are saying this dude has "mental problems." I'd like to give him some "mental problems!"

Indigo Red said...

Welcome, Gayle. Love the dragon! I'll get the marshmellows!

Now that the news is out, MSM can't just let it slide. I'm not surprised FOX has broadcast the story, but we must remember one of the owners of FOX is an Arab sheik.

The warpped idea that "hate crimes' are the product of a disturbed and sick mind is itself sick and disturbed. This was an act of terrorism, plain and simple, just like the John Mohammad shooting spree across the US.

An act of terror does not require any hate for the victims at all. One could, and I have, argued that Islamic jihad terrorism is actually an act of devine love. The god of Islam loves us so much and since we choose not to worship at his feet, then as the loving god, it is his duty to have our miserable lives ended.

Wasn't that the reason Andrea Yates gave for killing her children - to end their miserable lives - and didn't she explain the drownings were done out of love even though she knew what was happening was wrong? She loved her children so much she had to end their lives as a loving mother/god. Yates is a Christian, but a fundamentalist Christian as shown in the first trial. She may have been delusional, but hatred of her children was not a factor - love was. Just as al'lah has deigned to kill all unbelievers out of love.

The god of islam is an excuse and a piss poor excuse at that.

don said...

Indi, Gayle is a regular over at always on watch. If you haqve not been there, you should drop by. It is one of the best group of commenters I have seen. They even have their own pet commie.

Tom C said...

Welcome indeed Gayle! We hang at a couple of other blogs I like.

Good post Indi!

samwich said...

Most state gun laws have been preempted by federal laws except concealed carry.
The Seattle situation is controlled by Norm Maleng, county prosecutor who refuses to prosecute his cronies for gunlaw violations but did prosecute an artist with a very dumpy beater pick up truck for attempted terrorism and a bomb scare for a worn out faded old bumper sticker. Now granted the artist is a Pro Palestinian liberal jerk who desperately needs a bar of Dial and a good rainstorm but Seattle will viciously prosecute for any gun if they can get away with it.