Monday, July 10, 2006

The Management of Terror: A Plan for Defeating U.S. and Its Allies

Ever wonder what the Islamist enemy is thinking? Well, wonder no more. The Combating Terrotism Center at West Point can answer your questions. It will, however require a lot of reading on your part.

A major bad guy treatise has been translated by William McCants, a specialist in medieval and modern Islamic thought. The Management of Savagery (pdf) by Abu Bakr Naji is a virtual "how to" book on defeating Western philosophy, religion, militaries, governments, etc.

Translation of Major al-Qaeda Book that Outlines Its Plan for Defeating U.S. and Its Allies

The genre of “strategic studies”—the name given by jihadi ideologues to their books and articles on the strengths and weakness of the jihadi movement and those of its enemies—had, until recently, been neglected by Western governments and analysts involved with counterterrorism. In 2004, Hegghammer and Lia called attention to the genre (which they dubbed “jihadi strategic studies”) and usefully commented on its features (Hegghammer and Lia, SCT, 2004). More recently, Brachman and McCants demonstrated how this genre can be used to identify and exploit the weaknesses of the jihadi movement (Brachman and McCants, SCT, 2006—a draft is available online). Despite this growing attention, a full translation of one of these books has not been publicly available.

From the book:

"The jihadi movement had been unsuccessful in the past because the superpowers propped up ... proxy governments and convinced the masses through the media that they were invincible. The solution, Naji says, is to provoke a superpower into invading the Middle East directly. This will result in a great propaganda victory for the jihadis because the people will
1) be impressed that the jihadis are directly fighting a superpower,
2) be outraged over the invasion of a foreign power,
3) be disabused of the notion that the superpower is invincible the longer the war goes on, and, 4) be angry at the proxy governments allied with the invading superpower.
Moreover, he argues, it will bleed the superpower’s economy and military. This will lead to social unrest at home and the ultimate defeat of the superpower."
Anyone reading this book can clearly see how the West (especially the U.S.) has played right into the hands of the Salafists. What the enemy did not anticipate was the power of the U.S. forces. But, that doesn't matter to the enemy; this is a war of time and tey believe the West will eventually tire of the struggle and give up.

Whether the West follows the script as written by Abu Bakr Naji is totally up to the West. Knowing the enemy is the most basic element of warfare. Until we finally decide to know the enemy as intimately he knows us, we will have no chance whatsoever at stopping the violent movement of Islam to dominate the world with fundamentalist Islam.

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don said...

There is nothing new here. The assholes are just dusting off the VietNam template.

Indigo Red said...

It's a whole lot more than the VietNam template, Don. That the form and use of propaganda has not changed much since Sam Adams used it to spark the American Revolution is no reason to dismiss the current management textbook. Just as Hitler wrote Mein Kampf telling the world exactly what he was going to do and why and nobody read or believed what he wrote, the Islamists are couinting on the same behavior.

During the VietNam conflict and Cold War, the KGB playbook was not supposed to be known by anyone outside of those using it. The KGB plan depended a great deal upon what the enemy did. All action was decided and controlled from a central source.The Islamists don't care what we do as it is irrellevant. By being a public document meant to be used by anyone, the manual becomes usable by any terror franchise out there. It also provides religious, social, and historical justification for the nefarious actions advocated. It appeals to Muslims because they now have a very concrete way of serving the god Allah who said fighting and killing the infidel is the highest form of service to and love for the god.

Whereas the plan in VietNam was to eject The Western powers from the areas in conflict, this manual advocates luring the Western powers INTO the areas of conflict. As the US hints at leaving Iraq, the terror attacks increase prompting Gen, Casey today to request more troops to secure the area of conflict. THE ISLAMOFASCISTS WANT THE U.S., THE EUROPEANS, AND ALL OTHER INFIDELS TO BE DRAWN IN TO BE KILLED, to drain our economies, to drain our societies of our young, to drain our will, to drain us dry by every method necessary.

Don't ever discount or underestimate an enemy. As soon as one dismisses the enemies methods and goals, one has already lost. In VietNam, the enemy was dismissed as "a bunch of short yellow people in black pajamas" as LBJ said of them. We never took the threat seriously and failed to decisively dominate. Even after our victory during the 1968 Tet Offensive, the war would have and did continue largely because of our desmissive attitude.

I strongly suggest taht everyone who can read to access the pdf file, download the book and read it. Know thw enemy. Use their own data base against them.