Monday, July 10, 2006

It's World War III

The arguements for all positions have been made, refused, and accepted. Is it World War III or World War IV? My vote was for WWIV, but never mind, the debate is over.

It is WORLD WAR III, folks. So says the New York Daily News. Now it isn't that the NY Daily News is the paper of record in U.S. history or diplomacy, but somebody had to call it and NYD did just that. Too many people were already referring to WWIII for WWIV to have even the slightest chance in the first place.

World War III has begun.

It's not perfectly clear when it started. Perhaps it was after the Berlin Wall fell and the Cold War ended. Perhaps it was the first bombing of the World Trade Center, in 1993.

What is clear is that this war has a long fuse and, while we are not in the full-scale combat phase that marked World Wars I and II, we seem to be heading there. The expanding hostilities mean it's time to give this conflict a name, one that focuses the mind and clarifies the big picture.
The war on terror, or the war of terror, has tentacles that reach much of the globe. It is a world war.

While it is often a war of loose or no affiliation, and sometimes just amateur copycats, the similar goals of destruction add up to a threat against modern society. Even the hapless wanna-bes busted in Miami ordered guns and military equipment from a man they thought was from Al Qaeda. Islamic fascists are the driving force, but anti-American hatred is a global membership card for any and all who have a grievance and a gun.

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El Jefe Maximo said...

I really think one place we've fallen down these last years is in naming wars.

I mean "Desert Storm" and "Operation Iraqi Freedom" are way too B-movie sounding to me, a catchy name for the dummies in the press, and better than using the actual names of the op-plans -- probably something like OP PLAN 1342. Fine, those are public names for "operational plans..." but I, myself, prefer "First Gulf War" and "Second Gulf War" and, for Afghanistan how bout the "Fourth Afghan War ?"

Maybe this should be World War III...but I tend to doubt it. You could drive through most of the United States and never know that we were at war. A "world war" for me implies a total mobilization of society. I suspect someday there will be a World War III, but it will involve all the Great Powers, be for all the marbles, and, again, call for some kind of mass mobilization.

Indigo Red said...

I agree with you, El Jefe, we have fallen down when naming wars. The best war names have occurred organically. WWI was not called that until WWII. But WWII was called World War II even before 1939 when parpers were warning of the coming second wold war (all lowercase letters.) Mistakes have been made also. The War of 1812 was really The War of 1813, but that didn't play well.

For the gulf wars, I prefer PGI and PGII, but with the seeming open-endedness of the troubles, I'm afraid we would get to PG13 and really mess with people's heads!

A WORLD WAR is, by official definition, one that is fought on a global scale regardless of the level of national mobilization. Some world wars are not named as WW's but truly were, i.e. The American Revolution was actually the first truly world war as we think of them today - national mobilization, many world powers with conflicting interests compeating for world military and economic dominance, and battles fought from Boston to the English Channel to the South Pacific and Asia.

What is important in our current situation is that the war is now named as a War. Naming the War gives it legitimacy and now it will be difficult for the opposition (the Democrat Party) to claim there is no War, there is no danger, it's all about Bush making money. It is now a real WAR - WORLD WAR III.

Mike H. said...

How about 'The War of the Imams Fourth Crazy Son' or 'The War of the Fourth Grade Dropouts' or 'The War of the Madrassa Dropouts' or 'The War of the Twelfth Hostage Imam'. I'm done, I'll leave quietly.