Sunday, July 16, 2006

Israel at War: Live Blogs and News

The War in Israel continues and as the hostilities rage, there are bloggers who are posting live.

J-BLOGOSPHERE provides this handy list -

Live from Israel:

BokerTov Boulder
Daily Tid Bit
Greetings from the French Hill (Jerusalem)
Israel at Level Ground (Jerusalem)
Israel Matzav (Jerusalem)
Jameel @ Muqata (Central Israel)
Kishkushim (Haifa)
Lazer Beams (Ashdod)
Rock of Galilee (Northern Israel, currently at Jameel @ Muqata)
Shiloh Musings (Shiloh)
This Ongoing War (Ramot)
WestBankMama (Samaria)

Live from the World:

A Balaboosteh (Australia) [PICTURES]
Life-of-Rubin (New York) [VIDEOS]
Meryl Yourish (Virginia)
Yeshiva World
Atlas Shrugs (New York)
Pajamas Media
Israellycool (Australia)
Middle East Crisis Page at The Truth Laid Bear

Israeli News Services:

Israel National News
Jerusalem NewsWire
Jerusalem Post
YNet News
Israel News Now
Israel English News Aggregator

I have chosen not to blog directly about the War for Israeli Survival (like that is really in question!) because Israeli wars tend not to last long enough for anything other than rumors to be discussed. The facts are always in the past and by the time the facts are recognized as such, the situation has already long past. Trying to keep up with the Israeli Defense Forces is a futile endeavor as is fighting the IDF.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


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