Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Islam - Where Men are Men and Women (and little girls) are Disposable

An echo of France-Echoes:

2006/04/19 - Tétouan, MOROCCO.

What is the crime of Nihad … a 6 years old girl?
Daring to walk on the prayer carpet of Moustafa LAZRAK, a “f’qih” and imam … How beautiful is the Religion of Tolerance, Peace and Love …

In Morocco the “f’qih” is an entire institution: it is a sort of imam-teacher in koranical schools, that belongs to public education. In Tétouan a “f’qih”, whose role is to teach Islam, attacked an innocent child of 6 years old. The picture speaks by its own: black eyes, bruises (?? ecchymoses in French), and multiple fractures of the noise. Not to mention the psychological consequences …

Her bruises will fade as will the memory, the broken bones will heal, and little Nihad will grow to be a woman hating America and Western culture that treats their women like whores. And why not? Western women are allowed to have opinions, to work, and drive cars! Not like under Islam in which women and girls know their place the knowledge of which is beaten into them from infancy - with the tender love of the god Allah as taught by Mo'profit, of course.

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Anonymous said...

she's more likely to hate US because there are so few Christians doing their duty to force their government to act fairly in the Mideast as this columnist complains.

Indigo Red said...

I don't happen to agree. Lebanon allowed Hezbollah to occupy the country and primarily the south of Lebanon. It allowed Hezbollah throughout the years to attack Israel with impunity. Lebanon even allowed two Hezbollah terrorists to head two Ministries from which they intimidated the rest of Lebanon. And this is where the Christians were - allowing evil to gain purchase. We failed then.

Israel is doing what is needed to be done. The death and destruction can be laid squarely at the feet of Lebanon, Syria, and Iran. And, gee whiz, those are all MUSLIM countries. Those countries and the others have one agreed agenda - the destruction of Isarel and the deaths of all Jews. It's simple enough to understand, but some peopel won't get even with the gun at their own heads.

Maybe by being Anonymous the Musselemen won't find you and you will be OK.

Mike's America said...

I wonder if your anonymouse is the same Jew hater we have at Mike's America by the name of Hoopie. Too bad you don't use Halsocan commenting, you could track the IP.

Anyone who cites an article by Pat Buchanan has an anti-semitic axe to grind.

Indigo: it's exactly the barbarity in your post that we have to fight and win against to make the world safe in the long run. It's not going to be easy, nor quick. But following the Pat Buchanan model we might not try at all.

Anonymous said...

I ahould no longer be amazed at the ignorance of those who try to blame the strife in the middle east on Christians or Jews. I will mention that contrary to what was said, Lebannon cannot be simply described as a Moslem nation as there are many Christians there - hence the ongoing trouble as the Moslems are always agitating to convert or kill them. The Christian Lebanese used to be Israel's allies... perhaps due to Hezbollah using them as human shields this relationship could become strained, thus Israel loses another source of support. If it were up to me Syria and Iran would be given an ultimatum: Any more Hezbollah attacks on Israel and their cities start paying the price, starting with the "holy city" of Qom, Teheran and Damascus.