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Islam: A Curse to Human Society

"The Life and Religion of Mohammed, The Prophet of Arabia", is amongst my current reading materials. Rev J.L. Menzes, a Catholic priest, wrote his book during 1911 from personal observance and deep study of Islam while living as a missionary in India and published his book a year later.

The evidence Fr. Menezes recorded could be confused with Islam today as practiced by Muslim terrorists as he writes:
"Mohammed posed as the apostle of God, the seal of the prophets; as the destroyer of idolatry; as preacher of one true God, and the reformer of morals: while his life is marked by innumerable marriages; and great licentiousness, deeds of rapine, warfare, conquests, unmerciful butcheries, all the time invoking God's holy name to sanction his evil deeds, ordering prayers and alms deeds and at the same time propagating Islam everywhere by fire and sword."
It is in that paragraph that many Islamic groups, particularly Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today find fault. Of course, any book showing Ubu'l Kassim (Mo'profits real name) in a less than grandiose luminosity is always condemned by Muslims, but never read by them.

The life of Ubu'l is a timeless tale of avarice, intrigue, brigandry, murder, sex, and simple unadulterated power. That the following has withstood the vicissitudes of the past 95 years and so closely and clearly mirrors the Islam we see acted out today is a testament to the observations of Fr. Menezes.


The Mahommedan religion on the whole with all its dogmatic and moral principles, and with all its positive and negative laws has been a curse to human society. Mahommed pretended to confer by his religion a boon, at least on his own countrymen, by giving them in place of gross idolatry, a purer faith, and surer moral habits, but in this attempt he has miserably failed and has hopelessly fallen into the very sin he so vehemently assailed. Mahommedanism has penetrated into barbarous countries and has forced its inhabitants to accept it as their saving religion, but in doing so it has not succeeded in elevating man's condition to a higher level--or at least to a level any level higher than that of Arabia in Mahommed's time. The partial and specious reforms which it may have attempted to effect, are vitiated by the fact that they tend to exclude the higher and nobler virtues; and as the inner life of families, the whole of society and the intellectual and moral standard of a people depend on the principles of the ruling religion, it is hopeless to expect that Islam will ever cease to be what it has hitherto proved, the most formidable obstacle to the dawn of a progressive and enlightened civilization. How can it be otherwise? No permanent house can be built on a foundation of sand; what permanent civilization and progress then can be expected from a people professing a religion founded on fatalism, polygamy and slavery? Their blind belief in inevitable fate, and their antagonism to liberty of thought and action have rendered reform next impossible; and the professors of this religion seem never to realise their obligations and duty towards the people under their rule, of spreading true civilization, good government and the cultivation of the peaceful arts. The natural consequence of this ignorance and blindness has been despotism, mal-administration, bigoted persecution and oppression of their co-religionists.

In the countries of the Mahommedan world anarchy, rapine, revenge, strife and murder are the order of the day; thieving, lying, usury and oppression are looked upon more as virtues than vices; unrestrained licentiousness carried to unimaginable excess. Dirt and filth are things that never come seriously before the attention of Mahommedans, they seem indeed to prefer living in the most dirty and filthy environment. They are generally illiterate and at the same time self-conceited, and their vainglory in their religion and the nothingness of their own acquirements makes them scorn every other religion; the meagre education which they receive when young, makes them believe there is not much more for them to learn in the world. In short, Mahommedan countries are the chosen of ignorance,bigotry, tyranny and brutal vice, and a rendevous for a filthy, unprincipled people, as well as for brigands, felons and freebooters. While all other countries not influenced by Islam have made rapid progress in every direction and enjoy the blessings and peace of true civilization, Mahommedan countries have remained absolutely opposed to change and reform; nay, rapacity and extortion have reduced them to a most deplorable state.

Such is the boon conferred upon society by the Mahommedan religion, and what a benefactor Mahommed has been to his country (!) who was pleased to give to his country, nay, to the whole world, a religion which, claiming divine origin as the final and irrevocable standard of morality, has kept its followers sunk in ignorance and barbarism, and has become an insuperable barrier to the regeneration, civilization and progress of the Eastern world.
A very good reveiw was posted at Free Republic.

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