Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Gaza Beach Incident

The Australian Bagel Blogger has done a bang-up job analyzing the Gaza Beach Incident. The story is long, exhaustive, but well worth the time to read. It's based upon as much of extant public data as was available at blog-time.

The accident at Gaza beach which resulted in the death of 8 people and the serious injury of many others is a very sad event indeed.BagelBlogger decided to do as much research on this matter as reasonably possible, to resolve some questions most people still have.

This is an extended, long essay that delves into a very complex issue.It brings up some evidence and issues that I believe have not been brought up before.

Read the rest here.

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Anonymous said...

I think this is the direct link, its quite hard to find the article:

Indigo Red said...

I'm sorry. I wrote "Read the rest here." Turns out there was no here there! It's been fixed.

However, the very same page was and is still available through "The accident at Gaza beach" link.

Tom C said...

Checkin in indi, been a while. My fault.