Thursday, June 08, 2006

Zarqawi is Really Dead this Time!

This time Abu Moussab Zarqawi is really, truly, verily dead, dead, dead.
American warplanes were guided to the target in Hibhib 30miles north of Baghdad Wednesday evening by information provided by senior members of Zarqawi's own oganization. The al-Qaida in Iraq group apparently assassinated their leader with American weaponry.

The man with "the dark Medieval vision of the future" as Don Rumsfeld termed him, was possibly alive after the pinpoint air attack and was killed by local civilians. His identity has been confirmed through "fingerprints, facial recognition technology, and known body scars," said General Casey.

The death of Zarqawi will not in and of itself end the violence and killing. However, charismatic leaders fostering the idea they have been appointed by Allah are few and finding a replacement of Zarqawi's stature will be difficult and time consuming - time the bad guys do not have. Killed along with the idea man was his spiritual advisor, the man who gave religious justification to the mass killings, serial beheadings, and the intra-religion killings between Sunnis and Shia. Six other close aides also died in the attack.

Many will say the death of Zarqawi is not very important because another "Zarqawi" will arise. The power of symbolism is much greater in the Middle East than in the West. Leaders in the ME often take upon themselves the mantel of the Mahdi or Allah. The common folk can turn them into folkheroes who cannot be killed because they are protected by Angels. Killing Zarqawi proves that such is not the case. Younger members of the terror groups may become disillusioned and give up the fight or never join in the first place. The death of Zarqawi, his spiritual advisor, and other aides who failed to protect him is a big deal - a very bid deal.

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Indigo Rose said...

I know it's childish of me, but the tune that came to mind while reading this was "ding dong, the witch is dead ..." Now, lets hope the people will speak of ideas of freedom and growth and falafals for all, and mean it.

dcat said...

Well I originally wanted to say ding dong the prick is gone… Oh well I felt I used enough profanity on muslim unity.

You know on the news they said they washed the blood off before the picture was taken. I can just see the bodily functions from the soldiers as they washed the blood off of its face! I hope that did happen!

don said...

I don't care what the lasting effect is. I just wanted the sick son of a bitch dead.