Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Death to the Elderly, Cripples, and Crusaders

A few years ago, in Baghdad, bad guys strapped a bomb to a mentally retarded boy and send him into a crowd to blow-up and kill a bunch of people. The bad guys didn't get a lot of Paradise points for that operation.

A few hours ago, in Basra, a bad guy with two strap-on bombs blew-up in a crowd of elderly and cripples. Police said the target was probably the senior citizens' home nextdoor to the social care center. The dead and injured were pensioners who had gathered to receive their benefits as was their right by teachings of the Prophet. Islam also teaches that killing cripples who have taken no action against Islam is forbidden. It's a fast-track ticket to Hell to specifically target the elderly and cripples, no matter what the intent.

US military officials are now confirming the report of an Iraqi military spokesman saying the bodies of two American soldiers kidnapped in an ambush have been found on a near the town Youssifiyah, close to the scene of the attack. He said the bodies showed signs of torture having been killed "in a barbaric way." the Mujahedeen Shura Council, the ubername of five insurgent groups, issued this statement, "We give the good news ... to the Islamic nation that we have carried God's verdict by slaughtering the two captured crusaders."

Yep. Religion of Peace, God of Mercy.

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Mike H. said...

The God of mercy will have no mercy on those who terrify in his name. What the god of mercy teaches me is in direct opposition to what they claim he wants them to do. So much for the religion of pieces.

Don said...

I will never again waste my time trying to be politically correct in referring to Islam. The prophet was a piece of SHIT.

dcat said...

Islamists are with the devil!

We are fighting pure evil with no mercy and I will not be politically correct eithr!

Old Soldier said...

Indigo, having said it before, it bears repeating now... Mohammad is Satan’s greatest success. Who else could have orchestrated taking bits and pieces of Judaism, Christianity and many false gods and combine it into a single religion with such fanatical dictates as to kill those who do not believe and advance said religion using a bigamist pedophile? Islam is not of God, it is of Satan.

Tom said...

Any religion (or sect of a religion) that proclaims heaven or paradise for killing other human beings is not a religion - it is pure evil.

Mike's America said...

I'd like to take Senator Durbin down the autopsy room where those two mutilated soldiers bodies lie.

Looking at what is left of those two fallen soldiers, perhaps he would have a better understanding of what real torture and barbarity are.

Though I have noticed that the moral relativists are out in force to pre-empt any unfavorable (in their eyes) comparison.

While the inmates at the Gitmo "Gulag" gain an average of 14 pounds during their Caribean stay, these two US soldiers will go home in pieces.

And somehow, it's all our fault?