Thursday, May 25, 2006

Message from "a serious pinko liberal"

Despite disagreements on the immigrant question on Capital Hill and in the MSM, there is really not-so-surprising agreement amongst average Americans from all sides. Even some illegals are supportive of the attempts the sttem to tide. One Mexican in Southern California (Laguna Hills) said this is not his country and it's not his place to force America to accept him. Most people understand this is not an immigration problem; it's an ILLEGAL immigration problem.

Lisa left a comment this morning on 'A Day Without Illegal Immigrants' article and I agree with her. It's also good to hear from the other side a reasoned arguement. Thanks, Lisa.

Bush has always seemed to support cheap, immigrant labor. He only changed his tune when the pressure got too much. I am a serious pinko liberal, but I am at extreme odds with my fellows on immigration. I am not a xenophobe, I would like for those people to respect the law, like everyone else. Period.

It seems like your side of the aisle is having the same issue: The upper echelons of the GOP seem to be at odds with the rank and file. This debate is all about the desires of those who profit from cheap, undocumented labor, and those who have to deal with the strain of that cheap labor on their communities and tax burden.

This is one of the rare debates that seems to unite regular Americans in spite of party affiliation. The pinko union supporters like me are not happy with illegals, and the traditional conservative who has a strong aversion to hordes of lawbreakers are not happy either.

It is baffling to see how completely the media, congress, and the oval are dismissing those who oppose illegal immigration as xenophobic, bigoted isolationsists.

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Mike's America said...

A sensible lefty?

There are so few of them left. She might as well follow the lead of so many others and become a Republican.

Don said...

I think this is the part of the problem that drives me bonkers the most. The entire concept is so simple. The average American has no problem deciphering the problem and seeing the solution. The people we elected can't seem to even understand what is wrong.

dcat said...

Yup you said it Don!

Concerned Patriot said...

I agree. Great post!