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Google Is Wrong! Islam Is Wrong! I Am Right!

This afternoon, I have learned from Atlas Shrugs that GOOGLE has decided to exercise their editoral perrogative to censor the GOOGLE News. It seems New Media Journal has displeased some major power players in Islam who wrote to GOOGLE claiming NMJ is a hate speech Mecca.

To rectify GOOGLE's misunderstanding of journalistic integrity you are urged to contact GOOGLE by calling or faxing them "at (650) 253-0000 - fax: (650) 253-0001 to demand that they cease their politically correct censorship of The New Media Journal." (Atlas quote.) Or e-mail Google Help [].

Google made their decision based upon three articles that I reprint here without permission because I agree with each author, news links tend to disappear after a few years (FAIR will live forever!), and I'm a rebel.

1. How Has Islam Enriched Your Life?
Religion Arlene PeckMay 10, 2006

Have any of you noticed over the past few years that page after page in your daily newspapers is filled with the latest dysfunctional happenings caused by - or as a result of - the seemingly maniacal Muslim world? Honestly, I cannot open a paper or turn on the television without seeing mobs of Muslim savages celebrating in front of burning embassies, a school, a restaurant or those stupid tires they seem to think are so impressive to burn . And, don't you just love those scenes of men in black ski masks, racing through the streets, shooting guns in the air or standing behind some terrified captive getting ready to be-head him or her?

Lord, did we have a life before the Taliban? I wonder. Is this an improvement from a few of years ago when we saw Western dignitaries sitting in yucky caves in Afghanistan, wearing Armani suits and Bally shoes; at the table sitting with them, a dirty rag-towel wearing ‘War Lords ' (tell me, isn't that an 7th century concept ?), eating road kill for din-din and making plans to stop the Al Qaeda. Come to think of it, before 9/11, we never heard of words like Al Qaeda, Taliban, Jihad, Homeland Security or any other of the new vocabulary that they've taught us.

I long for the old days when I turned on stupid comedy shows and the news would have reported the latest fashion shows, which Hollywood star was coming out of the closet and when people were learning to dance the Macarena . Homicide bombers? Never heard of them. Today, I wish I could see less glorification of anti-democratic fanatics. I had become accustomed to the sympathetic posters of Che Guevara, famous for helping Fidel Castro shape and export the failed Cuban revolution. But, I’m not ready for films like “Munich” , recently created by Stephen Spielberg and self-hater Tony Kushner, that give Muslims a platform for justification of their terrorism.

If I had even a remnant of a sense of humor left, I might find something funny in the fact that these Arab murderers are now killing their own ‘brothers’ in yet another of their frenzied, holy wars against their own. The Shiites and Sunnis are going at each other full force while the Kurds, also Muslims but not Arabs, sit safely on the sideline, watching the slaughter. The so-called 'Palestinians,' who now have territory of their own, are killing one another on a daily basis. And, don't forget those wonderful new politicians from Hamas unleashing terror against Fatah and others; reveling in the blood, terror and mayhem they hold so dear.
In between they somehow manage to find time to kill and injure scores of Israelis using homicide bombers. The Los Angeles Times headline reports: "Israel Opts for Restraint in Response to Bombing." The timing and theme of George Orwell's book, 1984 has come and gone while the world has gone mad. Love is Hate...and " Israel Opts for Restraint in Response to Bombing! " The only question that should be asked right now is which to bomb first, Mecca or Medina! At the very least, consider transfer as the only alternative. Unfortunately, the powers that be in Israel can't bring themselves to do that.

The time is long past to do something! I think it a good thing that they target and are able to pulverize the leaders of the terrorist groups while driving to place their latest bomb. How much more effective, though, would it be if they were to fly into the headquarters of the new government of Hamas and blow up everything in sight? Nothing, but nothing should be left standing! That, folks, just might get their attention!

Hamas, however, has made it very plain that their goal is total annihilation of the State of Israel and to fly the Palestinian flag atop the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Without a doubt, they would desecrate that just as they did Joseph's Tomb, the Tomb of the Matriarchs and even the Church of the Nativity given the chance. We must read the writing on the wall, while we still have The Wall...transfer the enemy out of Israel, NOW!

Is it really tacky of me to smile at the nightly scenes on TV showing Arab, Afghani and Pakistani Muslims bombing mosques and killing their Muslim brothers, sisters and children at a brisk pace because that's all they know how to do? Even more ironic is what I read recently in my evening paper, that Muslim leaders are seeking help from the Dalai Lama to "quell extremism." I question whether the Dalai Lama needs to be tested for dementia when he responded with: "These few mischievous ones do not represent the whole Muslim community." Oh really, how "few?" Who 's next for a consultation, The Pope, Billy Graham, Jimmy Carter or one of the Chief Rabbis of Israel? "Mischievous?" Cute. Misguided, foolish, but cute.

Then, there are the letters that I get from faraway readers who remind me that it’s not just the Jews who are currently longing for the "normal" days of just a few years ago.

One of my favorite readers, an Australian, recently e-mailed me:

“Damn, I can’t believe I am writing sentences with words like “Grand Mufti of Australia” in them. What the hell happened to my country? How did words like fatwa, Mufti, Imam, jihad, burqah, Koran etc. become part of our lexicon? I'll tell you, Arlene, that there is a huge growing anger here…and it is going to blow. I am what you would call a ‘moderate’ voice, I suppose, but I know people who aren’t. The number is growing rapidly on a daily basis."

But you get the idea. This, from a friend who is not Jewish...and certainly not an Israeli.

Here is a 'new' isn’t a Jewish problem! It never was. I have been writing, for more years than I care to count, about the world-wide threat to our Western civilization from these 7th century savages who actually believe that they are in a Crusade. Israel is only the "canary in the coal mine." It's an entirely new situation now that most of Europe has caved in and the influence and power of the World of Islam is growing at an alarming rate. Mainly because it is common for the men to have multiple wives, and harvest many children with each of his wives to train for martyrdom.

Remember the question, " Are you better off today than you were five years ago? " Hasn't all of this new information enhanced your life, just as it has mine?

2. Islam Is as Islam Does
War on Terror Barbara StockMay 8, 2006

There are people in America who still do not realize that our country is at war. This is astounding considering all of the threats that Islamic terrorists and leaders have been issuing lately. These unenlightened folks consider President Bush the enemy, so Bush is actually fighting a war on two fronts. One is with Islam, the real enemy, and the other is with American leftists who are more concerned about regaining their power than the safety of the country. Sometimes it’s difficult to sort out which is more dangerous.

In the rush to Bush-bash, the liberals in America are unwittingly handing a victory to Islam. Several retired American generals have joined the left and have publicly spoken out against a sitting president during wartime. Islamics instantly picked up on this fact and referred to this action as a “mutiny” within the American military. Apparently, Islamics don’t realize what “retired” means. Sadly, most of this “mutiny” is due to old-time military men who want to keep an old-time military.

The liberal media report that suicides are up within the military, but they fail to report that the suicide rate within the military is less than half that of the general population. When the Islamics parrot the same fact, it was heralded as a great victory for Islam. Their message was that American soldiers would rather kill themselves than face the brave Muslim warriors. The truth is actually the reverse. Brave Muslim warriors would rather dress as women and blow themselves up killing fellow Muslims praying in a mosque than face an American soldier. Of course, that is not described as suicide by Muslims. Instead, it has been given the colorful label of “martyrdom.” It is never explained by Islamic leaders how praying fellow Muslims in a mosque are a threat to Islam.

The American left insists that we must encourage the “moderate” Muslim clerics to speak out against the terrorists. Those “moderate” clerics are quietly being killed by the much stronger and violent Islamic leaders. It should surprise no one that most non-violent mullahs are afraid to speak out against the slaughter.

Last week in Iraq, the sister of the new vice-president was gunned down in the street. Her only crime was being related to a man in the new Iraqi government. Islamics think nothing of killing a helpless woman to send a message.But if pictures of a Muslim are released with a bag on his head, Islamics go crazy with rage. Pages from the Bible are used as toilet paper, but if an infidel accidentally splashes water on a Quran, riots break out.

Then there is Iran. Iran claims it has never attacked another country. Technically, Iran committed an act of war when the American embassy was overrun and the Americans within that embassy were taken hostage. Every embassy is considered the sovereign soil of the country that occupies it. Therefore, Iran invaded American soil that day and attacked another country. Iran has funded terrorists the world over. Those terrorist groups have blown up embassies, ships, and commercial planes full of innocent people. Iran’s largest export is not oil, but state-sponsored terrorism.

The Islamic leaders in Iran feel it is their destiny to start the culture war between Islam and the West. This war will herald the return of the twelfth Imam and his return will signal victory for Islam over the world. Iran has just received missiles from North Korea that can be equipped with nuclear warheads and these missiles can easily reach the capitals of Europe.

Now, like the school-yard bully, Iran is huffing and puffing about revenge if it is attacked. Iran can send armies of suicide bombers and all together those armies could not inflict the damage that American bombers could do to Iran in a week. Iran has thumbed its nose at the United Nations. Perhaps some Iranians have short memories.

In the weeks leading up to the liberation of Kuwait, Iraq was pounded nightly by American bombs. There was a video of an Iranian man standing on the outskirts of his town many miles from the Iran/Iraq border. He was watching the night sky being lit up by the bombs and under his feet he could feel the ground shake. He waved his hands and thanked Allah for not being under those bombs. He said he had never witnessed such power.

Even though our troops are spread around the world, America still possesses this power. Iran may soon be under those bombs and its ground will shake much more than it did when the bombs fell miles away. All of Iran’s clever little weapon systems will not protect it. Designed for show, these weapons will be of little use to it if American might is unleashed. Iran’s cute little boats with high-speed torpedoes will never make it out of the harbor.

Unlike Islamics, America will not target women and children. We will target Iran’s nuclear facilities. Iran must not be allowed to obtain a nuclear weapon. One does not allow a small child to play with a loaded gun and the world cannot allow the religiously insane Islamic leaders of Iran to have a weapon that is capable of wiping out millions of people.

Yet, even here in America there are those who feel that it is Iran’s right to have such weapons. More than likely, if President Bush agreed that it was Iran’s right, these same people would jump to the other side of the argument and demand that Iran be disarmed. These misguided folks don’t care what Iran does. They seem to feel it doesn’t concern them. After all, that is the Middle East’s problem, not an American problem. Leftists don’t care what Germany does…sorry, what Iran does. They don’t seem to care that Islamics are slaughtering people all over the world. Leftists ignore that Islam proclaims it will rule the world.

Islam is killing people. Islam is killing non-Muslims and Muslims. Islam is killing old and young. Islam is killing Jews and Christians and Hindus. Islam is moving across the world like a dark, evil cloud. When will the free world realize that Islam is as Islam does?

3. Islam: A False Religion
Religion/Amil Imani
April 22, 2006

“In science it often happens that scientists say, you know that's a really good argument; my position is mistaken, and then they actually change their minds and you never hear that old view from them again. They really do it. It doesn't happen as often as it should, because scientists are human and change is sometimes painful. But it happens every day. I cannot recall the last time something like that happened in politics or religion”. - Carl Sagan

As has been said, if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. Islam in general, forbids lying. The Quran says, "Truly Allah guides not one who transgresses and lies." Surah 40:28. In the Hadith, Mohammed was also quoted as saying, "Be honest because honesty leads to goodness, and goodness leads to Paradise. Beware of falsehood because it leads to immorality, and immorality leads to Hell." However, this has not been the case in Islam. Islam is based on big lies and contradictions.

The biggest scam in Islam, especially Shi’a Islam is perhaps the notion of “Taqqiyeh”, an immoral tactic to lie for a good cause and later retract your words. (The belief that the end justifies the means) Islam is all about schemes, war and violence.

Prophet Mohammed was an extremely violent man, a man of war. Historically, Jesus set the example for love, as did Moses. The opposite is true of Prophet Muhammad. That is why we see so many suicide bombers in our era. They simply are following what the prophet of Islam had planned for them. Islam rewards those who become martyrs with 72 virgins. So sex is what the Arab Muslim murderers die for. It is all about sex. This must tell us a lot about the prophet’s own appetite for sex. He did not spare anyone; even 9 year old girls were not immune to his sexual wrath. Worshiping a sex-maniac and a child molester? I think NOT.

Muslims are true victims of Islam. However, they fail to realize that Islam is a cult, and the prophet was a demon, possessed by a huge sexual appetite. Yes, true Muslims firmly believe, that those who die in the act of killing the infidels (Christians, Jews and other non-believers) will not only gain entrance into heaven, but will be greeted by 72 virgin women--most likely, Seventy-Two 9 year old girls.

Being politically correct has backed fired and the world seems to be taken hostage by the Islamic fanatics. The more politicians give in and declare Islam as a peaceful religion, the more they give the Muslim fanatics impetus to harass and intimidate people of the host countries where they have been given shelter to live.

Galileo said: "I do not think it is necessary to believe that the same God who has given us our senses, reason, and intelligence wished us to abandon their use, giving us by some other means the information that we could gain through them."

The statement above was true then as it is true today. God has bestowed upon humans many different senses, including “intelligence” so that we use them for a better life. The senses he has given us should lead us to enlightenment and prosperity, not the other way around. Is it possible that the almighty has given these treasures to only a few people and abandoned the rest of his creatures in bewilderment?

Intelligence is discerning between true and false or the real and illusory. Islam ultimately defines the real nature of intelligence as coming to realize the absolute nature of Allah and the relativity of all else that is other than He. The Qur'an calls those who have gone astray from religion as those who cannot think, 'la ya'quilun', those who cannot use their intelligence correctly.

It is true that all religions are founded on fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of death. However, throughout the years, many of the world religions were able to find ways to reform themselves, but NOT Islam. Islam prides itself on having remained unchanged. The Islamic Revolution in Iran presents a clear image of Islam. We do not need to go back to 1400 years ago and see what the prophet of Islam did. We can see a total replica in the words of his disciples, Ayatollah Khomeini, and the new selected president of Iran, Mr. Ahmadinejad. That is how Islam advanced rapidly around the world, with terror and fear.

“Quran says; kill, imprison! Why are you only clinging to the part that talks about mercy? Mercy is against God. Mehrab means the place of war, the place of fighting. Out of the mehrabs, wars should proceed, just as all the wars of Islam used to proceed out of the mehrabs. The prophet has [had] sword to kill people. Our [Holy] Imams were quite military men. All of them were warriors. They used to wield swords; they used to kill people. We need a Khalifa who would chop hands, cut throat, stone people.”

“In the same way that the messenger of God used to chop hands, cut throats, and stone people; in the same way that he massacred the Jews of Bani Qurayza because they were a bunch of discontented people. If the Prophet used to order to burn a house or exterminate a tribe, that was justice.” Ayatollah Khomeini.

Many Islamic scholars vow that Islam is a religion of logic, wisdom, moderation and peace. They vow that Islam invites people towards insight and knowledge and uplifts the position of women in society. This is far from the truth. Islam cannot stand what is logical and it does not invite people towards insight, but entraps humans with a deadly poison. Once one becomes Muslim, there is no way out.

Islam is about forcing women to wear the “hejab” the symbol of backwardness, stupidity and fanaticism. Women are second class citizens in the Muslim world. The prophet Muhammad takes his 9 year old wife to bed. What kind of man, not to mention a prophet of God, would commit such horrible act of pedophilia? The Quran says women are to be beaten by their husbands, yet Muslim women apparently are fine with this violence, or they could not wait to divorce Islam and run away. Quran says four wives are allowed but Muhammad had at least 20 or even more. They say, in paradise, women are chained in different areas for men's pleasure.

Islam definitely is not compatible with logic and democracy. As a matter of fact, Islam is against liberty and freedom. The problem with the Islamic scholars is that they are in denial that the genie is out and now it is way too late to put it back in the bottle.

Khoshroo Gholamali, Deputy Minister for International and Legal Affairs of the Islamic Republic at the Munich Conference on Security Policy said, “Islam’s prime objective is to strike a balance between Islamic tenants and democratic mechanisms. The extremists have manipulated, misconstrued, and tried to hijack Muslim tenants.”

What Mr. Gholamali said in the conference is misleading and untrue. What Mr. Gholamali did not talk about was the achievements of the Islamic republic for the past 27 years as a model country for the Muslim world. He did not mention about the Islamic executions, floggings, stoning and amputations of limbs in public since this peaceful religion invaded Iran.

He did not speak about the promotion of international and domestic terrorism through Islamic jihad, the creation of the Hezbollah who have conducted many terrorist attacks against innocent people and the promotion of Islamic fundamentalism. He did not say this moderate religion has oppressed the religious minorities in Iran and made them to flee their country. He did not mention how savagely the Islamists in Iran have raped innocent girls before executing them because Islam forbids executing virgins, so raping them was very Islamic. Yes, Islam is very democratic, but only for the Islamic terrorists.

Javid Amir in his article “Views of a Muslim-American” says “it must be understood that it is a mistake to imagine that Islam is an inherently violent and fanatical faith. Islam is a universal religion and there is nothing extremist, monolithic and anti-western about it. Doctrinally, Islam is as blameless as other of the great Universal religions.”

But, Mr. Amir, Islam ‘is’ an inherently violent and fanatical faith. It is all written in the holy book of Quran. So please stop lying to the population and face the facts. The problem with Islam lies not only in the holy book, but it lies in the life of the prophet himself. Muslims incessantly proclaim that the mainstream schools of thought misinterpret the holy book of Quran, yet they fail to recognize that the prophet of Allah lived such an unholy life himself and it is due to his narcissistic life and personality that his followers savagely follow his behavior.

It is due to Muhammad’s way of life that Muslims act barbaric and run amuck and burn cars and Embassies each time someone draws a picture of the holy prophet. Behaviorally, the prophet of Allah hallmarks a cult. In other words, we cannot compare Islam to other religions because due to the prophets narcissistic manners, Islam falls in the category of a cult, not a religion. Yes, Islam is a cult founded by an Arab man from Mecca in Arabia, by the name of Mohammed, who lived from 570-632 A.D. A huge problem is that cults are incredibly difficult to dismantle intellectually. The brainwashing is grandiose.

Indeed, the Prophet of Islam’s deeds and words, Islamic law and its interpretation, has always been totally intolerant and he practiced an unholy life. According to Muslims, the prophet of Islam was Khataman Nabiyyeen (The last prophet) and Allah will no longer send prophets. Well, if God chose a man like Muhammad who butchered, raped, terrorized, massacred and killed so many innocent people with the sword of Islam, then we are dealing with a terrorist God here.

Until we understand this and put a stop on this widely spread contagious disease, many innocent people will continue to die. The very survival of the civilized world is dependent upon our understanding that Islam is mankind’s greatest enemy.


The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


Mike's America said...

Glad to see the end of slackness Indigo. And thank you for posting these three articles.

Why these would be excluded from Google News is beyond me.

I notice that Google still carries the Islamic Thinkers Society:

A radical group that advocates the Islamic takeover of the United States.

Someone really needs to do a roundup of the "Google problem." Isn't Al Gore a paid consultant to this left wing bunch?

City Troll said...

F Google..Plain and Simple

Indigo Red said...

Jumbo shrimp, military intelligence, Islamic thinkers...don't ya just love oxymorons?!

Old Soldier said...

IR, the articles are great and I appreciate you posting them in full. It's too bad they won't be widely read by those libreals who profess Islam to be a "religion of peace."

BTW I could have done without your middle oxymoron...

Mike's America said...

I doubt Old Soldier would like "government service" any better. But as an ex-Fed I can say it.

Indigo Red said...

Oxymorons are funny not for being true but because they're funny.

Military intelligence has been an oxymoron for centuries even before there was a name for the function. One of the inescapable truths of military planning is that the best laid plan is worthless as soon as the plan is put into effect and the oppponent now has input. Often though, "military intelligence" doesn't even refer to the data gathering function, but rather to the enlisted man's opinion of the purpose of the many activities he is assigned that have no apparent value other than to do be doing something.

Government intelligence is just as valid (or invalid) as MI. "Post Office efficiency" is considered an oxymoron dispite all facts to the contrary. A little more the half of the world's mail passes through to US and mail is still delivered in less than five days usually and the cost for in country mail service is still under a buck.

bernie said...

I linked your post in my Iran Increases Reward for Holocaust Cartoon. Why don't you install haloscan so you can see who's linking to your articles?

Anonymous said...


IMO only...
The Muslim women should made to burn their burkas and the men need to remove their turbans and the Koran's should all be collected and their should be one huge bonfire of all this garbage.
Bibles and Torahs should be demanded for all these folks to read. The Islamic "religion"(so its called) should be abolished.
Then and only then will the world be at peace.