Monday, May 01, 2006

A Day Without ILLEGAL Immigrants

Today across this great nation, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, border jumpers, wetbacks, snowbacks, and others with very little respect for the laws of the United States took to the streets again to protest. People who have no right to be here, no right to protest, and no right to blackmail this nation decided they have the right to disrupt the day. They decided they have the right to demand to be treated as citizens without being citizens; they decided they have the right to demand all European peoples remove themselves from the Southwestern United States. But, they themselves won't leave despite the fact that 60% of Mexicans are Spanish-Amerindians, 30% mostly Amerindian, with the remaining portion being the ever mysterious "other".

In Los Angeles, 2200+ school teachers did not report to work and 72,000+ students didn't show up for classes. Those teachers and students who did show up said it was a very good day without immigrants. There were no violent confrontations between students and teachers could actually teach - in ENGLISH. The freeways were clear, there were no lines for lunch or banking, stores were not swamped with ill-mannered small children running around like savages while their mothers ignore them. If one didn't know that immigrants run a city that can't operate without them, one would not know anyone was missing.

And just when I thought things are completely lost and my representatives in Sacramento have totally sold out my state of Califoornia, a single Assemblyman spoke out in an article published in Eco-Logic Powerhouse. We need more Representaives like Ray Haynes, California State Assemblymember.

Just what about "illegal" do they not understand?
By Ray Haines

Sonny Bono, in the fight over Proposition 187 (the 1994 initiative that would have rescinded welfare benefits for illegal aliens), had the best line about the debate over illegal immigration. Many charges were tossed back and forth about the initiative, and the motivation of its sponsors. The response of the future Congressman to those charges was always: "What is it about illegal that they don't understand?"


Like many others, I watched television as the protestors waved their Mexican flags, then changed those flags to American flags, then yelled "Si Se Puede," then yelled "Yes, We Can," then demanded the same rights as American citizens, then said they were Americans.

Well, no, they are not. When someone breaks the laws of this country to enter it, for whatever reason, whether it is to work, or obtain free medical care, free food, welfare, a driver's license, and reduced college tuition, they are still not Americans. We have a legally-mandated process, established after years of debate, negotiations, arguments, social consensus, and legal maneuverings to determine how someone becomes a citizen. Until someone follows that process, they are not Americans, not entitled to become Americans, not entitled to claim to be Americans, and not entitled to the rights of Americans.

We are a very generous country. We allow more people than any other country in the world to come into our country legally, stay, and become naturalized citizens. We are second-to-none in welcoming people from all cultures to join us in the world's common quest to extend Representative government and individual liberty, throughout the world. We don't even really ask that much of people to go through the process. It may take some time, and it is usually stuck in the inevitable bureaucracy, but once someone has completed the process, they are Americans. In France, you can move to France, but you never become French. You can move to China, but you will never become Chinese. If you follow a few simple steps, you can move to the United States, and become an American.

One of those steps is not sneaking through the fence, avoiding the law for ten years, receiving thousands of dollars in government aid, and then demanding amnesty for your illegal behavior. Yet, at this time, thousands of people throughout this country are demanding that we make that a legitimate way of becoming an American citizen. In essence, they want to profit from their illegal behavior.

That is just not right. Go home, follow the law, come here legally, and we will welcome you with open arms. Break our laws, and we will be justifiably outraged by your behavior. That is how it is, and how it ought to be.

I tried to qualify the California Border Police last year to do one simple thing – enforce federal immigration law, mainly because the federal government was refusing to do so. It sparked a national debate on the question of enforcement, and we are seeing that debate play itself out in Washington today. Enforcement of the law is the right thing to do. If we find that the law doesn't work, that we need a larger labor pool, then we debate the best way to accomplish that goal. But, if we don't enforce the laws we have now, it won't matter what laws we have in the future. We will still fail to have an immigration policy.

The first thing that makes anyone a good American is their ability to follow the law. That is all anyone is asking these protestors to do. It is not that hard, and, if they do it, we will all be their good friends and neighbors.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


Concerned Patriot said...

Well said Indigo. I'd like to know when the hell we're gonna get rid of these ignorant ass illegals. I wish I had control of the American Army. I'd put 'em all on the border and ENFORCE our right to live in a country free of illegal immigrants.

Indigo Rose said...

These illegals and those that support their actions don't seem to understand the simple fact of what UNITED means when you say UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
Our family immigrated from various parts of the world, while perhaps celebrating their traditions at home, they learned ENGLISH, paid taxes and put behind them the strife of their homelands that put them in a box and would not allow them to grow. In America our Grandparents bought property, went to school, married outside of their religion, skin color and did the AMERICAN thing: adopted what would work for the family, debated what didn't and compromised for the best results. All while living, speaking and acting AMERICAN (not Irish, Scotch, English or Hungarian). WE THE PEOPLE ARE AMERICANS - A breed unto our own.

dcat said...

Indigo Red,

Hey I know all the people that I work with from other counties “nurses” “physical therapists from India”…said make them leave! We had to do it legally!!! What idiots!

Tom C said...

It looked like the Mexicans were on the job here.

Don said...

If you entered my country legally looking for a better life for yourself and your family, I want you to be my neighbor and friend. I will do my best to help you and be your friend. If you entered my country illegally, get your ass back home.

Mike's America said...

As far as these illegals just reclaiming "their" land. Most of them came from central and southern Mexico. And as you point out, the ethnic derivation has nothing to do with the native peoples who made up the Southwest.

In the last year, we have seen a 100% increase in Mexicans, nearly all illegal, in my area. I can't go on the highway without being surrounded by them. And most of them have no license or insurance. I hear Spanish spoken in the stores as often as English.

The problem is just getting worse.

Lisa said...

Bush has always seemed to support cheap, immigrant labor. He only changed his tune when the pressure got too much. I am a serious pinko liberal, but I am at extreme odds with my fellows on immigration. I am not a xenophobe, I would like for those people to respect the law, like everyone else. Period.

It seems like your side of the aisle is having the same issue: The upper echelons of the GOP seem to be at odds with the rank and file. This debate is all about the desires of those who profit from cheap, undocumented labor, and those who have to deal with the strain of that cheap labor on their communities and tax burden.

This is one of the rare debates that seems to unite regular Americans in spite of party affiliation. The pinko union supporters like me are not happy with illegals, and the traditional conservative who has a strong aversion to hordes of lawbreakers are not happy either.

It is baffling to see how completely the media, congress, and the oval are dismissing those who oppose illegal immigration as xenophobic, bigoted isolationsists.