Sunday, April 30, 2006


United 93 is one of those movies one does not "enjoy" despite the many entreaties of the theater staff to "Enjoy the show." I did not enjoy Schindler's List or Saving Private Ryan or American History X. These are must see films which one should not expect to enjoy. (I didn't enjoy Pearl Harbor either, but that movie just sucked.)

This is the story of the only plane hijacked on 9/11 (when everyone was an American for a day) that didn't reach its target and how the hijackings took America by total surprise. The film highlights the inability of ordinary, but professional people, to grasp a situation that was absolutely new to them until it was too late. From the FAA to the Pentagon to the White House to the studios of CNN, no one could comprehend the unfolding crisis. The passengers of United 93 had to think faster than the pros on the ground because their lives depended on doing something now.

The director kept the suspense despite the fact that everyone in the theater knows the ending. Briefly, the bad guys lose, the good guys win, and everybody dies. The director used no exterior shots of the plane in flight. That would have been ridiculous as we couldn't possibly see the exterior of the plane at the altitude and angel in real life. Many of the actors were playing themselves recreating their words and actions on 9/11. The head air traffic controller who shut down American air space was the real guy as were the significant controllers. Several of the military staff were also the real deal lending a documentary style re-enactment to the movie. That's what he was going for - realism.

One of the passengers was a good looking, blond, fair skinned Euro-weenie guy. I don't know if he was real or just a theatrical device, but he kept advising the passengers to just go along with the demands of the hijackers, 'don't interfere and they will let us go' kind of lunacy. I actually wanted the passengers to beat the crap out of him before they took on the terrorists. I wasn't disappointed.

Can we do that to the Democrats now? Beat the crap out of them before we take on the terrorists, I mean.

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Indigo Rose said...

As Americans we must have learned something about taking care of ourselves. Just last week I read an article about a man trying to open an airplane door during flight. Two passengers jumped up as the stewardess screamed. These two men(from No. California very close to our hometown) wrestled the nut to the ground. That is when two Marshalls came forward.
These Americans were not going to let some idiot kill them. They were not going to wait for someone else to make a decision that could, in the end, cost someones life. Americans just don't want to take crap off of anybody and are willing to take a stand. A lesson learned from Flight 93.

Mike's America said...

I heard an airline pilot on a talk show a few weeks ago. He said if anythig remotely bad happens on a plane these days get out of the ailes before you get run over by passengers leaping to put a stop to it.

It's true that America has changed so much for the better as evidenced by the bravery of the heroes on Flight 93.

But it's also true that there remains a vocal minority who do not, will not, or can not understand the danger.

We have to beat them at the ballot box and that is proving to be very difficult.

Don said...

I feel a subtle change in the American attitude. The recent backlash against illegal immigrants is a manifestation of this, I'm not going to take any more bullshit attitude.

Mike H. said...

Mike's america,

Hopefully we can beat them before we vote. Treason deserves, at the least, that minor action.


That's the only way to go.

Scottage said...

I felt that, in many ways, this was more a story of the ineffectiveness of the the institutions put in place to control the situation. The movie was called United 93 not so much because this is where the passengeners stood up for themselves, but because this plane never needed to take off...they had all the data needed to prevent the flight before it ever got off the ground. Time and again the producers showed the inability for the FAA, military, and Air Traffic Control to coordinate, and that the end result was so horrible that people had to sacrifice their own lives to say many more lives. I believe the move was fair, honest, and showed just how unprepared we really were for the day.