Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Iraqi Newspapers and Bakeries

Omar at Iraq the Model is reporting today that Baghdad is without newspapers. Newspaper publishers and distributors in Baghdad, and presumably in other Iraqi cities as well, are being threatened with violence and death if they continue publishing.

Those pen-hating cowards are afraid of the words written in our newspapers and they tried to paint their new anti-free speech campaign with a sectarian dye to make it look as if they were only after Shia and secular papers but in fact they are against everything that does not approve and praise their sick mentality...What's going to be next?

Jamie Tarabay of National Public Radio (NPR), reported this morning on the Morning Edition program, Bakeries Get Caught in Iraq's Sectarian Crossfire.
April 4, 2006 · Deaths among Iraqis have increased because of rising tensions between Shiite and Sunni Muslims. Iraqi insurgents have been increasingly targeting bakeries.
The traditional Iraqi bread is diamond shaped, puffy and doughy inside. The bread makes up a typical Iraqi sandwich of cream cheese with over-ripe tomatoes. Bread is used to sop up the last morsels of a favorite meal and is as much a part of daily life as water.

Frequent cuts in electricity, the rising cost of vegetable oils and cooking fuel, people depend on the bakeries more than ever. Bakeries, which employ mostly Shi'ites have been attacked. Last week 3 workers were shot as they labored for their daily bread at one of the bakeries still operating. Bakery owner Abu Ahmed said, "If there is no bread, there will be chaos." And the insurgents know this.

The insurgency will stop at nothing to derail the democratization of Iraq and the rest of the Middle East. They have attacked markets, barber shops, police paylines, the UN offices, the Red Cross facilities, oil lines, truckers, civilians in their homes, worshippers at prayer in the Mosques, and many other targets they thought would cause the revolution to devolve into civil war. The insurgents and al-Qaida have failed at each attempt. The bakery attacks will fail and newspaper threats, too.

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