Friday, March 31, 2006

Texas Lawmen Unfair to Mexican Rapist

Finally, after seveal rapes and driving violations dating back to December 2004, Texas lawmen arrested a Mexican man in the US illegally. As the felon was being led down the police station hallway with hands and feet shackled, Jose Carrillo (and numerous aliases) , 30, said, “This is not fair what you guys are doing. This is not fair. These guys have killed my life.” Carrillo is also a suspect in about a dozen other offenses, including indecent exposures and robberies that investigators believe might have been unsuccessful sexual assault attempts.

This is not fair! I agree, the treatment Carillo has gotten is not fair. The Texas lawmen should hang the bastard upside down, naked, with his balls cut off at a border crossing with spotlights for night viewing. Now that would be fair.

Here in California, our prisons hold 15,000 illegal Mexican borders crashers. That is almost 1/3rd, 30% of the total prison population. Illegals number about 1/4th, 25%, of the total prison population of the United States. If they aren't felons for just crossing the border without authorization they certainly are felons soon after.

How many more, Mr. President, how many more illegals are to enter my country without permission until you understand the word ILLEGAL? How many more crimes; how many more women raped and terrorized; how many more robberies; how many more traffic deaths caused by illegals who then flee the scene without so much as a how do you do? How many more of these guys will kill my life before we say "ENOUGH!"?


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Don said...

I am not sure the president is hearing your questions Indi. I'm pretty damn sure the next one will though. It doesn't matter which party wins the white house, they will have to listen to the loud and clear message coming from the voters.

John Sobieski said...

I went to my Senator's and Rep's office today and had a 30 minute session with their Field Reps to express my opposition to Bush's madness regarding immigration. Everyone should phone, fax, email and visit their Congressmen and say "hell no we won't take it anymore."