Sunday, March 26, 2006

L.A. Protestors Bussed In From Mexico

While returning from doing my good deed for this lifetime, I was caught in a Los Angeles traffic jam this past Saturday. Like everyone else, the size of the Immigration Reform Bill protests took me by surprise. An estimated 500,000 people arrived in LA to say that people who break the law by entering our country without legal documentation should neither be called criminals nor treated as such.

What I saw on the freeway, south bound Interstate 5, didn't surprise me. I said to myself, "Now there is something the MSM isn't going to show." What was it? Three Greyhound sized buses of Mexicans headed home to Mexico. The TEO Transportation Co. was used to bring Mexicans into LA to bolster the crowd numbers. Clearly spelled out on the destination sign on the bus front was "TIJUANA", a Mexican city on the US/Mexico border just south of San Diego. I also saw in the traffic jam a fabled Tijuana taxi overcrowded with Mexicans returning home after a long hot day protesting a proposed law in a country they have no right to be in, let alone attempt to influence the laws.

The loss of the English language and substitution of something that only appears to be English has totally rotted away any understanding of the word ILLEGAL. As a reminder, here is what ILLEGAL once meant:

1) Prohibited by law or official rules illegitimate, illicit, lawless, outlawed, unlawful, wrongful; 2) Of, involving, or being a crime: criminal, illegitimate, illicit, lawless, unlawful, wrongful.
In the new English, ILLEGAL seems to mean bigot, discrimination, unjust, racist, xenophobia, and anything associated with Republicans, Christians, and traditional American values. Never mind that those traditional American values include immigration - LEGAL IMMIGRATION - by people who have enough respect for the laws of their chosen new homeland to at least respect the law while entering the country.

During the LA protest, marchers were asking, "How can America keep out immigrants because, after all, weren't all Americans immigrants?" Yes, all Americans were immigrants or are now the descendants of immigrants. At the time they came there were few immigration laws beyond health requirements. My paternal grandparents, migrated from Hungary and England near the turn of the 20th Century. I am second generation American. My grandparents entered the US legally as did millions of others.

Today there are LAWS and procedures to enter the United States. Entering the country by way of sidestepping those laws is a violation of those laws, hence, ILLEGAL. Why should this country or any country allow people to stay without who premeditatedly violated the laws while entering? Our prisons are full to overflowing with people who entered the US in violation of the laws and continued their disrepect of the law by committing murders, rapes, robberies, and drug dealing. Our healthcare, social services, and education systems are collapsing under the weight of ILLEGAL immigration. It is claimed the criminal immigrants pay taxes and contribute to Social Security. Yes, they do pay taxes and they may even pay into Social Security, but if they do so without legally obtained Social Security Numbers in violation of the law. Often the tax ID numbers are duplications of valid numbers belonging to US citizens. The credit histories of the violated citizens is often ruined and this too is a crime.

The vast majority of Americans recognize the incalculable contributions immigrants have made to this country. Legal immigrants are and always will be welcome here. But, the ILLEGAL immigrants are not welcome and should not be. They are a drain on our society, economy, safety, and patience.

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Don said...

This will be the hot button topic of 2008. It is so basic that we have to control our borders. It is comical and ridiculous that the protestors have the nerve to protest for the right to break the law. I swear I will vote Democrat if they provide the best solution. Fat chance huh?

dcat said...

As fat as Ted K Don! LOL!

I have been reading lots of stuff on this... again!

Mike H. said...

Are we finished with the wall yet? It's working for Israel.

Old Soldier said...

Great post Indigo. We need a Rawhide moment where we round up the aliens and move them out (of the U.S.) I have no problem with those that knock on the front door, but those that crawl under the fence need to be sent home.

Don, just remember that a Dhimmicratic campaign promise is biodegradable. It has rotted away usually about the time the oath of office is administered. GOP-ers are only slightly better these days. "Honest politician" is now officially an oxymoron.