Sunday, February 19, 2006

Presidents Day

Monday, February 20, is Presidents Day in the United States. Although there are thousands of stores with special sales in honor of the day, and many people will have the day off from work, Presidents Day is not a Federal or National holiday. The idea was floated through Congress back in the 1960s, but never went anywhere. Federal workers ended up with more three day weekends while the rest of us have to go to work.

The actual holiday is February 22, and it's called Washington's Birthday to honor the first President of the United States of America. Without George Washington and his high personal standards and absolute belief in the Republic, we would most probably not have a country.

Washington was offered the Kingship of the new country and he turned it down. When he became President, many want to call him "Excellency" and many other titles of high entitlement, but Washington refused preferring the simple "Mr. President". When offered the position of "President for Life", again he refused after serving two terms of four years each. His example of only two terms held until Franklin D. Roosevelt served three terms and dying in the third. Presidents are now restricted to two terms by Constitutional Amendment.

Interesting facts of other Presidents include these:

  • George Washington had a hound dog named Sweet Lips.
  • When Martin van Buren was Vice-President, he presided over the Senate with loaded pistols.
  • Congress refused to led James Buchannon purchase Cuba for $90 million because they were afraid he might steal the money and run away.
  • Woodrow Wilson plated golf in the snow with black golfballs.
  • Herbert Hoover spoke fluent Chinese.
  • As a young lifeguard, Ronald Reagan saved 77 people from possible drowning.
  • Before becoming President, Jimmy Carter once saw a UFO. After being elected, while on a fishing trip, he was attacked by a killer rabbit.
  • At the age of eight years, Bill Clinton was viciously attacked by a sheep.

Though individually these facts may be meaningless, in the full light of hindsight, they may explain much more of presidential behavior than the records may indicate.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


Scottage said...

Nice peice, always good to learn somethign on a Sunday night...but Sweet Lips? Wow, gotta start questioning the pedastal I put him on.

Don said...

That sheep was probably a ram trying to protect the ewes.

dcat said...

Nice post Indigo!

Tom C said...

Biiilllll, you Baaaastard! Get ooooffff my baaaack!

Don said...

broke 10'000 woooohoooo!!!!