Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mohammad Cartoons: The Story Behind the Pictures

The 12 cartoons the Mullahs don't want you to see were published in the Egyptian newspaper Al Fagr five months ago. According to Freedom for Egyptians, the Danish cartoons were printed on the front page with special reporting on page 17, during Ramadan, Oct 17, 2005.

In November 2005, a Danish Muslim delegation, led by Abu Laban, put together a booklet to use during a tour of the Middle East to publicize the 12 cartoons. According to The Counerterrorism Blog, the delegation wanted to discuss the cartoon issue with senior officials and important Islamic scholars. They met with Sunni Islam's most influential scholar, Yusuf al Qaradawi, Arab League Secretary Amr Moussa, and Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Sheikh Mohammad Sayyed Tantawi. Abu Laban, a 60-year-old Palestinian that Danish intelligence has connected to Islamist operating in Denmark, said, "We want to internationalize this issue so that the Danish government will realize that the cartoons were insulting, not only to Muslims in Denmark, but also to Muslims worldwide."
Okay, so far no big deal. But, within the booklet the delegation was distributing were three other cartoons not included in the Jyllands-Posten publication and, indeed, were never part of the selection of cartoons submitted to the Danish newspaper. The three extra cartoons are highly offensive by anyone's standards, but were represented by the delegation as part and parcel with the original 12 cartoons. Abu Laban claims they clarified the distinction between the published cartoons and the unpublished, but the claim has not been verified. On a previous occasion, Abu Laban said that "mockery against Mohamed deserves death penalty." It appears to be a deliberate act of incitement by a notorious Islamist practicinging taqiya. Taqiya is a special form of lying which allows Muslims to withhold the truth without consequence and is used especially when addressing infidels.

The crude photocopy (left, top) picture of the pigman contrasted with the original photo version as depicted by Michele Malkin, clearly shows this is not a cartoon. It is, in fact, a news photo of a pig calling contest in France. The photocopy was included in the booklet without reference to the French contest.

The other two faked cartoons, supposedly are representations of the snail-mail and e-mail that are being received by Muslims in Denmark and the rest of Europe. But, again, this is not made clear in the booklet used by the delegation on its publicity tour through the Middle Eastern Muslim nations.

These three cartoons are very obviously not up to the arts standards as the genuine 12. These are exceptionally crude in both style and content and in no way would be published by any reputable newspaper, except in the current circumstances to show the public what the rioting is about.

In nations with populations unfamiliar with art and the depiction of the human form, the peoples therein might easily be convinced that these are genuine examples of Western cartooning. The members of the delegation were most certainly familiar with the cartoon standards of the modern west and most certainly knew the likely response of an unsophisticated populous.

Let this be a lesson to the West of the media sophistication of the Islamist enemy we face. They are capable and willing to use any means necessary to defeat the nations of freedom and hope. We must be smarter in the media wars than they are. If not, we can lose.

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Don said...

These folks would make great American liberals. They never let the truth get in their way.

Scottage said...

I guess the next chapter would be that Abu Laben's group arrived in Iran on January 15th, and met with Ahmadinejad on the 16th and 17th. On January 19th, Ahmadinejad travelled to Iran, and met with Bashar al-Assad until January 25th. And on January 30th, the first riots broke out.

Your site is fantastic, and I'll be visiting it more often. Keep posting!

Concerned Patriot said...

How is it that it's alright for these ignorant, pig loving arabs to say Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth and it's ok for them to cut our heads off on al-jazjezabel tv, but we can't draw one (or numerous) funny ass cartoons about their wierd prophet? I don't get it ... we have to limit our speech and freedoms for pieces of crap that ridicule us and call us infidels and say we should all go to hell? HUH??? What the ??? Give me a break. Man, I think you should check out my last post. I know it's a little over the top, but I hope a muslim reads it! I'd like to see him burn a picture of me on tv. LOL!!!!

Concerned Patriot said...

Oh yeah ... I almost forgot. Great post partner. Keep up the fire!

Mike's America said...

Thanks for that timeline Scottage.

It's clear that Iran is behind the whole thing. And it's not difficult to see why.

When crazies attacked the Austrian embassy in Teheran it was a giveaway. Papers in Austria had not published the cartoons, but meeting in Vienna, the IAEA had recently decided to report Iran to the UN Security Council.

And just who will be presiding over the council in June, which may be about the time the matter is brought there?

Want to guess?

Little ole Denmark.

dcat said...

Oh don't worry your little head off Indigo we won't lose!

devildog6771 said...

Great post! However, I think we would be very naive to think we can't lose. They are counting on our over-confidence and the censorship occurring in the American MSM.