Monday, February 20, 2006

3 Former Terrorists Speak Out

The Northeast Intelligence Network and Sean Osborne has made the following available:

"...see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears three former Islamic terrorists, Walid Shoebat, Ibrahim Abdullah (born and raised in Dearborn, Michigan) and Zak Anani, as recorded in a 16 minute interview broadcast on Comcast News with host Greg Coy on the recent January 2006 CN8 News program: "Your Morning" (not a live-link, please copy/paste. IR)

All three former Islamic terrorists will tell you in first-person accounts about :

1. The Islamic terrorist plans, goals and recruitments of rank and file Muslims here in America, as well as around the world to engage in a continuing jihad against our way of life and the imposition of Islamic rule upon us all.

2. How we need to wage war on Islamic terrorism in the same manner as we did Nazi Germany; how our current level of retaliation is insufficient; their view that President George Bush is "not aggressive enough" in pursuing the current global War on Terror.

3. How all Islamic infrastructure including Islamic centers and mosques in America are actively involved in the cultivation of American-born Muslims to become jihadists of the Fallujah variety; how the majority of Muslim's -- "60 to 75%" of the Muslim population support the terrorist agenda and are responsible for collecting and sending miliions upon millions of dollars to support the terrorist war effort against us.

4. How there is "no question about it" that Islam is engaged in a war against us, that this is an integral part of the Islamic culture both here in America and the Muslim world as a whole.

All Three men will tell you that the vast majorty of American's are oblivious to these facts and we all need to wake up to the reality of the war being waged against us in our own backyards."

This is all very disturbing in light of the recent reports of lasers being aimed at airplanes at various airports across the US, but most especially those laser sightings emminating from the Muslim neighborhoods of Dearborn, Michigan. Apparently, according to American Congress for Truth, the lasers are being used as range-finders to establish the altitude and distance of planes taking off and landing.

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Don said...

We are a nation of ostriches with our heads in the sand. The American public for the most part does not want to be concerned with anything that detracts from their own personaql pleasures. We have to pay a horrible price to wake up over and over again.

dcat said...

I must be one that will be ready to fight! I am on the defensive now and getting worse! I will never give in!

Jude the Obscure said...

They have the names - why doesn't the IRD audit these guys? If they aren't working, get them a job. They have too much time on their hands.