Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Saddam's Home Movies of Torture

The videos made available by Foundation for the Defense of Democracies have been available piecemeal for many years. I have three of the four videos on file myself, but I had to wade through a lot of gore and pornography to find and rescue the videos from oblivion. The more people who download and file these images and many others that turn up, the better. This is a history that must not be forgotten or swept under a magic Persian carpet.

Chapter 1 - BEATINGS, in which we witness people beaten with sticks, clubs, hands and feet. We also witness four men thrown from the roof of a building. The first man wears a T-shirt emblazoned with of Superman fame. He appears to have survives the landing. I doubt he survived the first aid.

Chapter 2 - AMPUTATIONS, in which we witness the severing of fingers with an ill-handled sword, the surgical removal of a hand by doctors sworn to do no harm, and tongues cut out with a safety razor blade.

Chapter 3 - EXECUTIONS, in which we witness men murdered with grenades stuffed into the shirt pockets, five people die by very sloppy firing squad, and a beheading with a dull sword wielded by an inept executioner.

Chapter 4 - GAS ATTACKS, in which we witness the aftermath of the 1987 -88 Anfal Campaign involving mustard gas bombs and nerve agent bombs dropped on civilian Kurdish elderly and infants, boys and girls, men and women, dogs and goats; if there was life before, there was no life afterward. Halabja was just 1 of 40 such attacks.

In the interests of fairness, we should contrast the foregoing with pictures of real torture:
None of the animals held in Abu Ghraib and shown here were actually harmed; they only thought they would be harmed. What people think is not a crime.

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The Flomblog said...

Simply superb. Sickening and disgusting but superb. Keep spreading the word.

Ron Lyre said...

I have to say Indigo that you have helped me make a decision. The fact that you felt it necessary to link to such pornographic crap and then try to make some kind of weird argument out of it beats me. Apart from the fact that most of us realise what goes on when there's a corrupt government in power I'm not sure what else you're trying to say. Seems to be something on the lines of your torture is a better class of torture because no-one actually gets hurt???
Anyway, I'm out of here. Ive had my fill of niave and brainless arguments. I've been promoting your site as an example of a different sort of point of view but no more. You write...'None of the animals held in Abu Ghraib and shown here were actually harmed; (how do you know that by the way?)they only thought they would be harmed'. Isn't that the point of torture...isn't that what you do to the victim, you scare them half to death. You don't actually kill them you just damage them enough to make them fear tomorrow and another day with the torturer... 'they only thought they would be harmed'...Jesus Christ Indigo, I wouldn't have believed that rubbish would come from your pen. At least the poor souls in the nasty vids knew they were going to die.
And no matter what Bush says or allows, torture is a crime. I know you'll think I'm a wimp when I say it's a crime against humanity but I don't reallly care. Anyhow I'm sure you're not interested in my point of view so I'll just leave, take you off my site,(I'm sure it wont make the slightest difference to your figures) and let you and your friend dcat stew in your own juice. Would it be too much to ask that you don't bother with a smart-arse reply to this.

Indigo Red said...

That only takes us back to a much earlier comment I made that you are a poor excuse for an Englishman. If history had been left to the likes of Ron Liar (appropriate name, BTW) England would be NAZI Germany today.

So "the poor souls in the nasty vids knew they were going to die" is preferable to only scaring the bastards. You are a sick puppy, Ron - "No, no, don't frighten them. Kill them."

"[T]hey only thought they would be harmed'. Isn't that the point of torture...isn't that what you do to the victim, you scare them half to death." Am I to understand that because Saddam's henchmen put live grenades in the pockets of the condemned men who knew they were going to die, and then pulled the pins thereby blowing the poor souls to smithereens it WAS NOT torture. It's only torture if they only THINK they will be harmed or killed?

The point of torture is not to frighten people, "scare them half to death." If that were the point, Ron, then horror movies would be outlawed under the terms of the International Agreement Against Torture.

No, Ron, I don't think you're a wimp. As I recall you served your nation in uniform, earning an honorable discharge. But, former service does not negate future cowardice. Not a wimp, just a coward.

Anonymous said...

"None of the animals held in Abu Ghraib..."

It is inappropriate to describe Iraqi people as "animals"; this only shows your culture of hatred, racism and narrow mindedness.

Mirzade said...

i dont think he meant that in a "hatred, racism and narrow mindedness" way ..anyway..