Thursday, January 05, 2006

Italian Wiretaps Stop Terror Plot in US

Domestic wiretapping surveillance operations and a nationwide sweep has enabled Italian magistrates to arrest three Algerians on charges of "international terrorism" for plotting to execute terror attacks on U.S. soil. The warrants were issued December 23, 2005 and the arrests were made just three days later on December 26th.

The three Algerian terrorists were members of the Salerno cell of an al-Qaida linked terror group called Salafite Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC.) Yamine Bouhrama, 32, the GSPC leader has been in a Naples jail since November 15, 2005 on charges stemming from a separate investigation. The other two suspects, variously called Khaled Serai and Mohamed Larbi or Achour Rabah and Tartaq Sami, were arrested in the Salerno area south of Naples, and in Curingia, in the southern Calabria region, respectively.

Italy increased its internal surveillance activities in the wake of the London terror bombings last July. Authorities have arrested about 200 terror suspects since the four attacks on the U.S. September 11, 2001. Most have had to be set free for insufficient evidence for successful prosecution. The Italian domestic wiretapping intercepted telephone conversations of Yamine Bouhrama talking about terror strikes in Italy and abroad.

The terror cell had intended a series of attacks within the United States. The targets were to be "ships, stadiums or railway stations" and were to be more deadly than the 9/11 attacks, according to Italy's Interior Ministry information released by Minister Giuseppe Pisanu. Many details of the plot are being withheld because of on-going investigations.

The arrests are a big feather in the cap of Italy's anti-terror groups and the story was in the major newspapers around the world. The English Sunday Times headlined, "U.S. terror attacks foiled" and Agence France Presse announced in this headline, "Three Algerians arrested in Italy over plot targeting U.S."

Of the thousands of American newspapers, only one carried the story and that was brief and vague. The Philadelphia Inquirer published the AP story on December 24, 2005, Page A06:

"Italy Charges 3 Algerians - Police in southern Italy arrested three Algerians yesterday on international terrorism charges and accused them of planning attacks in Iraq and Italy, police and the Interior Ministry said. The three were arrested in a nationwide sweep against an extremist group in Algeria, for whom they allegedly provided logistical support, police said. Officials suspect that they are members of the Salafist Group for Call and Combat, or GSPC, an Algerian group that allegedly provides fake documents to..."
The rest of the story is archived and not free. The entire piece is 91 words. Pitiful, pitiful, pitiful.

The American media has passed up the story because, opines Cliff Kincaid, editor of the Accuracy in Media Report, they
"want to use the NSA story to try and impeach the president ... If you remind people that terrorists actually are planning to kill us, that tends to support the case made by President Bush. They will ignore any issue that shows that this kind of [wiretapping] tactic can work in the war on terror."
Brent Baker, vice president of the Media Research Center dedicated to encouraging balanced news coverage, says,

"The mainstream media have framed the story as one of the nefarious President Bush ‘spying on U.S. citizens,’ where the average American is a victim not a beneficiary, so journalists have little interest in any evidence that the program has helped save lives by uncovering terrorist plans."
People critical of the news media are beginning to ask if the MSM is deliberately ignoring stories putting the administration in a positive light? Is the MSM purposefully concentrating their efforts on portraying domestic surveillance as "spying" on ordiAmericanriacn citizens to bring about the impeachment of a president they consider a pretender to the throne?

A major terror plot was broken up by our allies in Italy and the American news outlets ignoredorred the story. Domestic wiretapping in Italy has led to the arrests of three terrorist, with more to come, resulting in sparing thousands of American lives. If the Lefts much loved European scan conduct domestic surveillance, why are they loathe to allow President Bush to do so here in America?

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Mike H. said...

And we the people don't think the MSM are trying to stack the deck against the president? Course they are, that's what makes them the [sarcasm]lovable MSM.[/sarcasm]

We need to convince everyone to watch Fox, and surf the blognet.

Tom C said...

When hunting terrorists, don't forget the news guy. The beast is thrashing about, due to its irrelevance

Mike's America said...

I tried to find this story on the Sunday Times and coud not.

This should be bigger news than it is.

Mike H. said...

"This should be bigger news than it is."

We wish. I hate to be so down on those guys but I honestly believe that we're fighting two wars, one there and one here (with the MSM and libs) and all wars eventually get to the shooting stage. It's stupid. How do I make the finger between the lips equivalent on a keyboard? ;)

dcat said...

Yep it should but you know the lame stream media!!!

Hey Indigo nice job I sent some folks to be educated by your place from sound politics! :)