Monday, January 02, 2006

Iranian Human Rights Conference - Get Your Tickets Early

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has announced to the world that Iran is ready to host a HUMAN RIGHTS CONFERENCE. (I'll pause now while you laugh, snicker, and guffaw.) .... Ok, got it all out?

Human rights are sacred and should not be abused for political or propaganda purposes, said the president from inside his green glow. The human rights conference would be between Muslim thinkers and European thinkers. Apparently, American thinkers are not invited. But, the MSM would be invited to broadcast without censorship. The Euroweenies would send representatives to Iran to "study freedom of expression, prisons conditions and women or children there" and conversely, Iranian reps would travel to Eurabia.

Ahmadinejad, expanding on his statement that the Holocaust was a hoax, said Iran distinguishes between Judaism and Zionism. He believes Zionism was created by the German Army to take revenge from Muslims for the mass killing of Jews. (I'm not sure how that works.) "Why don't the Europeans who perpetrated the crime pay the price themselves?" Iranian president asked.

A question for the Glowing Man: If the Holocaust never happened, what crime did the German Army commit against the Jews and why would any revenge be necessary?

So, a Human Rights Conference...

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