Thursday, January 12, 2006

Iran War Near

Israel had previously set a deadline of March 28, 2006 for taking military action against Iran's nuclear facilities, but Israel has said March 1 is the diplomatic zero point. The intent was to firmly warn Iran that if they did not cease the A-bomb development, there would be real consequences from Israel. In this arena, Israel has proven many times that the threats are backed by soid action as demonstrated at Entebbe, Uganda and Ossiraq, Iraq.

Unfortunately, in Israel, Prime Minister Sharon was felled by a series of strokes that has ended the career of a formidable player in ME politics. Probably believing Israel to be without resolve and rudderless and hoping to take advantage of the situation, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has chosen to break the seals on the nuclear facilities and begin processing fissionable material. Unlike the Islamic nations, Israel does not depend on the leadership of just one individual. It's personally hard to accept, but every leader in a free nation is replaceable without the nation falling apart or even skipping a beat.

General Aharon Zeevi-Farkash, Israeli military chief of intelligence, recently has said that March 1 is the deadline for diplomatic efforts to stop Iran from the actions it has already chosen. The situation is not yet irreversible. However, a military timetable is well under way for a strike to take out Iran's possible nuke capabilities, writes Joseph Farah of World Net Daily. The plans may, indeed, have already been set in motion with the downing of a military aircraft carrying many iof Irans top military leaders. The plane officially crashed due to malfunction. But, recent reports point to possible sabotage. Special Operations Forces of Israel and the US, and probably other Allied nations have been operating in Iran for some time identifying targets and carrying out other missions. It is entirely possible the plane was actually shot down, but we will probably never know for sure.

For the past decade, Iraeli Air Force pilots have been training against Russian made anti-aircraft defense networks like those owned by their Arab neighbors. With the aid of Russian emigre scientists and former Soviet era military personnel, the Israelis have purchased and captured the identical anti-aircaft systems that exist in Iran. They have become very adept at defeating the AA assets protecting the nuclear facilities.

More important than any of the training and equipment has been the cooperation between Israel, Turkey, and Greece. Details revealed recently by the Air Force has Israeli jets stationed at bases inside Turkey and Turkish fighter jets reciprocally stationed in Israel. After years of refusals to cooperate in any way with Israel, Greece is participating with the Israeli Air Force. The joint participation of both Greece and Turkey, especially Turkey a nominally Islamic state bordering Iran, is a major development in the balance of power of the Middle East. That the two long time enemies, Greece and Turkey are working together on anything may be the nearest we may see of a genuine miracle.

In more immediate news, members of the Fort Wayne-based 122nd Fighter Wing are scheduled to leave for Southwest Asia about 2:30 a.m. Tuesday from the unit's headquarters on Ferguson Road, reports the News Sentinel. The F-16 Fighter Wing stationed in Fort Wayne is being forward deployed in Southwest Asia, generally known as the Middle East. Hmmm, says Pamela of Atlas Shrugs, who finds it mighty convenient to have a flight of American fighter-bombers in the area just about the time of an Israeli air assault against Iran.

It seems time is growing even shorter for Iran as unexpected events take place. The Iranians will have to totally back down to survive, but without the glow-worm Ahmadinejad, or suffer the consequences with him very soon.

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Don said...

I hope that Iran is not stupid enough to think that Israel is bluffing. Those dudes don't bluff.

Anonymous said...

Iran is way overdue for a good old fasion ass whippin'American style.Let's do it now.I can't wait.

The Flomblog said...

Unbelievably astute.

Your comment
" It's personally hard to accept, but every leader in a free nation is replaceable without the nation falling apart or even skipping a beat."

Is the key to the mistake that most of these Islamofascist groups are making. They do not understand the basic concepts of a free society. In the end, tht is our primary advantage.

Well said my friend.

Speaking as a Jew- I quote Meir Kahane

Never Again.

Thank you

C R Mountjoy - GDF said...

I remember watching Johnny Carson one night in HS when he was doing his Carnac bit:

'Take This Job And Shove It'

What the cleaning lady said at the Iraqi Nuclear Facility after Israel bombed it!

Prescient insight from a comic master - Clear out the cleaning ladys, Iran...the Isralei's are coming!