Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hamas: Israeli Flag Must Change

Mahmoud Zahar, the Grand Pooba of the Loyal Order of Hamas, demanded the flag of Israel must be changed, reports Arutz Shiva.

"Israel must remove the two blue stripes from its national flag...The stripes on the flag are symbols of occupation. They signify Israel's borders stretching from the River Euphrates to the River Nile."

This is typical Arab hogwash and know-nothingness.

The Israeli national Flag is patterned after the traditional prayer shawl, tallit, that Jews wear around the shoulders or on the head. The tallit has tzitzith, fringes both short and long in the four corners. Most commonly, the tallit is white with blue strips.

The Torah (Numbers 15:37-41) has commanded that Jews wear the long fringes to remind them to keep all of the 613 Commandments written in the Torah (and Christians think keeping the Ten Strongly Worded Suggestions is hard!)

What is really going on is this: The Arabs and so-called Palestinians have persuaded Israeli doves into ceding parts of Israel away to murderous thugs. These same thugs have recently conned the world into believing they can hold Democratic elections for a parliament of a country that doesn't exist. It's like when we were kids voting in the treehouse fort - it's all very important while we were up the tree, but had no meaning at all once we came back to earth.

Many believe a Parliament of Nowhere has actually been elected and now the thugs think they can command Israel to remove the stripes. That will leave only the Star of David on a white background. The stripes themselves are innocuous; it is the Star that Hamas ultimately wants removed leaving only the white background. When this happens, the world will confuse the Israeli flag with the French flag and in the confusion Israel will simply slip from earthly consciousness, ceasing to exist.

Trust neither the French, nor the Palestinians, nor any other falsely named peoples of non-existent countries.

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dcat said...

I agree with you Indigo and the flag should stay as is!!!

don said...

It'll be a cold day in paradise before the Israelis change their flag.

Concerned Patriot said...

Hamas ... what a joke!
Keep it up Red ... I love your posts.

Concerned Patriot said...


Leap Frog said...

hee hee

See that's the problem Hamas has adopted the french handbook on foreign policy relations that's all....

Instead of removing the stripes from the Israel flag, Hamas should be removed.

Ali said...

What is it with Americans and the French, it's like Lafayette never existed...

Indigo Red said...

Lafayette was a nobleman who fought for the principles of democracy in America oppossing the royal house of England. Lafayette also supported that democratic ideals be implemented in France as well. By doing so, the young Lafayette placed himself in oppostion to his own French king.

Louis had forbad Lafayette from sailing to America to serve under Washington. But, he did so anyway incurring the royal wrath. Legally, Lafayette was subject to arrest and death upon his return to France.

He did return to France, but because of his popularity among the French people and his close association with Gen Washington, the arrest and and execution never came about. The example of Lafayette and the American cause of Liberty helped to set the final stage for the French Revolution and the death of Louis.

Lafayette, America, and France bear no resemblence to the the Palestinian cause of today. HAMAS et al, may speak of liberty on the world stage, but in reality they want nothing more than to wipe out Israel and the Jews. If at all possible the elimination of America as well. There were no such aspirations in 1776. The ideals of the American Revolution have no place in the pantheon of Palestinian lunacies of the 20th and 21st centuries.