Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Democratic Party - The Nation's Shame

OK, it's come time that I must say this - I am now truly ashamed I was ever a registered Democrat. This is from Opinion Journal by way of Mike's America:


Black Republicans should be able to live without fear.

BY TED HAYES Monday, January 2, 2006 12:01 a.m. EST

American blacks who are affiliated with the Republican Party are vigorously vilified by Democrats, especially black Democrats. Uncle Tom, sell-out, Oreo--the list of slurs is long.

But it is not only insults. I am the founder and director of a unique, progressive homeless facility in downtown Los Angeles, known as the Dome Village. Yet the 35 men, women and children and their pets who call the Dome Village home are being "evicted" from privately owned property after 12 1/2 years--apparently on account of my political beliefs and activities. You see, though I am a leading homeless activist, I am also a conservative Republican and a strong supporter of President Bush.

Here's how the situation played out. Recently, I was invited to address a local Republican Women's Club; my landlord read an article in the local paper reporting on the event. Soon after, I received a notice raising the Dome Village rent from $2,500 a month to $18,330. Shocked, I inquired as to the seriousness of the change, and the property owner blurted out that the cause of our "eviction" was "because you are Republican." He said that as a Democrat, he was tired of helping me and the Dome Village. In other words, let the homeless be damned.

And people think the Democrats are the party of compassion and tolerance.

Private property should be protected, of course, and I have no intention of causing any trouble for this property owner as we part ways. Whatever he does with his valuable land--it is only a few blocks from the Staples Center--is no concern of mine, and I will not go to court.

Still, I cannot help but be saddened by the whole business. When I founded the Dome Village 12 years ago, we had an understanding that he could ask for his property back at any time for any reason, and I would say "absolutely" without hesitation. Still, his reason was prejudice against Republicans.

We see this across the country. Michael Steele, the lieutenant governor of Maryland and a Republican candidate for the Senate, has been crudely disparaged on racial grounds. A prominent leftist Web site, for instance, depicted him as "Sambo," among other aspersions. When Condoleezza Rice was nominated as secretary of state, she faced similar treatment: editorial cartoons depicting her as a racial caricature, personalities calling her "Aunt Jemima" on liberal talk radio, and so forth. Clarence Thomas, Ward Connerly, Colin Powell, Thomas Sowell and other black conservatives regularly face similar smears.

These conservatives are attacked not because of the validity or judicious consideration of their views but because those views are supposedly heterodox for American blacks. Yet it is my opinion that many black people in the U.S. are politically and philosophically conservative--and many are in fact actually closeted Republicans, fearful of persecution by friends, business associates, society clubs, schoolmates and even churches.

It is time for American blacks to have a conversation about the phenomenon of Democrats persecuting black Republicans. Why is this happening? What is it that the Democrats don't want black folks to understand about Republicans? What is it that the Democrats don't want black folks to know about Democrats? And how is it that we have come to this point--after having endured so much--where we have ourselves curtailed the freedom of political expression through the threat of retaliatory consequences?

Mr. Hayes is a homeless activist in Los Angeles.

After reading this, can anyone with a conscience remain affiliated with an organization as morally, ethically, and humanly bankrupt as the American Democratic Party? The sentiments expressed are as far from what America is and was ever conceived as to be rendered unconscionable. The heroic, larger than life characters of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King convinced me to join the once noble party. The filth that leads the Democrats today are nothing more than thugs and miscreants whose depths of depravity have yet to be fully plumbed. That depravity has trickled down, unwashed, to once good people who should know better, but are now so embittered they can no longer determine decency. The sooner those depths are discovered, the sooner the national shame and embarrassment will pass from the stage and America can again take her rightful place as the world's beacon of freedom, liberty, truth, and justice.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


Don said...

You are right Indi. I have never been a Democrat but I never hated the party until Slick Willy and his ilk became their standard bearers.

dcat said...

I'll never vote democratic!!! What the hell for they are all corrupt in King County and some how win anyway!

The Flomblog said...

Well said!

Newvictorian said...

Let them go the way of the Whigs and the Know-nothings. Or just change their name to the Know-nothings...

Concerned Patriot said...

Dude .. you are absolutely right. You know ... the Democratic Party needs to change its name ... Maybe to American Civil Liberties Union, or even Nation of Islam, or hell ... how about the National Alliance for Morons and The Morally Corrupt. Yeah ... maybe their leader could be someone cool like I don't know ... Michael Moore. Seriously though Indi ... you're right on with your assessment of the article. And I agree ... Democrats have not always been so damn stupid ... didn't really start happening 'til late 90's. Man has it gotten bad. Well, alrighty then ... have a great day!

Tom C said...

The ones I think are stupid are the black people that are members of the democrat party. How long do they wish to be nothing more than someones property?